getting ready for school/Leonard Nimoy as Tom Kovack

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getting ready for school/Leonard Nimoy as Tom Kovack

Postby Nickfan40 » 26 Mar 2016 17:10

I went by my regular nighttime routine. I had this dream last night.

I am upstairs sleeping and wake up. My bedroom looks just the same as it does in real life. I am getting ready for school, but not high school, maybe elementary or jr. high. It is already light out. If I was getting ready to go to high school it would still be dark outside. All of a sudden, I realize that I am not in school anymore; in June, it will be 22 years since I graduated high school. Instead of going back to bed (it is after 8:00 am, time for me to get up anyway), I start to go into the other bedroom. As I am leaving, something by my sea-green dresser catches my eye. I see that it is a bag filled with boxes of cream-filled cakes, something like Little Debbie. I think, "I don't remember buying these!", and then, "Oh, I must be dreaming!" I open one of the boxes, but it doesn't have a name on it. I get out something that looks like Little Debbie Swiss rolls, but when I bite into it, it tastes more like a Mrs. Freshley's. It's good, but not as good as Little Debbie. I finish the two-pack.

I change my mind about going into the other bedroom and head downstairs to the living room. As I'm walking down the stairs, I hear a man and woman talking. The man is Leonard Nimoy, but I don't know who the woman is; I can't tell what they are saying yet. When I get to the bottom of the stairs, it is not my house, but the house used in the film, Baffled!, in which Leonard Nimoy plays a racecar driver named Tom Kovack who starts having visions of death after a car crash. (There is a trailer and the full movie on YouTube, but I ordered my dvd from ioffer.)

He and the woman are standing in front of the fireplace, talking. He is wearing a white Oxford shirt and blue jeans (sexy as hell!) the woman is wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans. Even though I still can't understand what they are talking about, I know that he's trying to get her into bed with him, and she doesn't want to; there is a couch in front of the fireplace. He is talking very gently to her and touching her face, running a hand through her hair. I have had fantasies about this movie ever since I saw the trailer on YouTube, and maybe they crossed over into my dreams. I fantasized that the woman looked like an actress named "Sunny" (I never found out what her real name was) Johnson, the girl that played Coral Careen to Oliver Reed's Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype in the film of the same name in 1980. Sadly, she died in 1984 from a brain Aneurysm. She was only about 30 or 31. She was so pretty, with that blonde hair, brown eyes, and angelic features. I wanted to look like her. In my fantasies, they're pretty much "getting into it", but my brain had either blocked or censored it from happening in this dream, having her be afraid of him.

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