atheist Meeting an angel, first post

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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atheist Meeting an angel, first post

Postby laerkebuggechr » 28 Mar 2016 19:21

I've had some dreams and have been on a quite intens spiritual journey for about 9 months now, and this is my first post on the page, I do not know what my question is quite but might like to hear your comment on my experience.. This post is about my first dream with very clear interpretation that particularly has left its mark.. I dream that I lie and are half asleep in my bed, receive a snap chat with a name I had never seen before which was joshua, on snap chat is a picture of my own hand holds a relatively coarse man hand, I get a big shock when I realize it's my hand and wake up and see a slight face of a man who does not really resemble any angel or good-hearted character which really scares me a lot due to the journey that i am on spiritually ... when I opens my eyes from the dream the time is at 01:01 .. -
I turn course name up on the net and find this out it is actually a reasonably central character in the Bible (which I have never read or heard of before, and so it is generally with all my experiences since I have always been an atheist, I experience things without knowing they exist which is probably why I even believe in all of this) .. this is only one of many experiences, but what does it mean? I have done searching on the net that joushua is a fallen angel, which scares me .. others have met him? or do they bind only to one, and if so .. what is the chance of a central angel associates to me like that.. .. and why? confused ..

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Re: atheist Meeting an angel, first post

Postby RobertForsythe » 01 Apr 2016 04:44

Joshua is better known in the Bible as a soldier and commanding general.

I think the "fallen angel" stuff is more "apocryphal".
Laerke, it sounds like you have a dreamer's Tiger by the tail -- hang on! -- and squeeze all the learning you can out of this one....
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Re: atheist Meeting an angel, first post

Postby Pilgrim » 17 Apr 2016 11:41

Laerkeubggechr, why do you suspect a specific Biblical relationship? Lots of people have had that name. I have a bachelors and a masters in the Bible. If you are contemplating reading the Bible as a possible source for knowledge on spiritual matters, I would recommend it. The Bible was written over a period spanning a few thosand years, but it has continuity in its themes. For an easy reading, simple account of the message and life of Christ, I would recommend the Gospel of John.

Dreams often mentioned in the Bible. I read Acts of the Apostles by Luke recently, and many incidences of God communicating in dreams are documented.

Enra Traz
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Re: atheist Meeting an angel, first post

Postby Enra Traz » 19 Apr 2016 00:45

The Bible?! The 'good book' is the least spiritual I have ever come across. If you are going to turn to religion to lead a 'spiritual' life, you might as well go for Buddhism as it's the only one that seems to encourage a proper study of the human mind via meditation and mindfulness. Whilst the Bible bribes you with a heaven and threatens you with hell, the teachings of the Buddha encourage you to strengthen your mind in a way that equanimity can be found in any situation and one looks at the world less based on likes and dislikes. 8-)

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Re: atheist Meeting an angel, first post

Postby Pilgrim » 19 Apr 2016 11:10

Yes, the Bible. It definitely is not for everyone. Many of the characters therein appear to have a sincere emotional experience. The poetic songs of David are filled with passion regarding relationship to God. The offensive nature of considering whether we as humans might be depraved and evil by nature, I understand. But, it is this dynamic that spawns a joyful relationship for me. I am so happy to feel the love towards me that I do not remotely deserve. The escatic joy that I have when I perceive fellowship with God by dream is amazing. If I am crazy, at least I perceive happiness.

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Re: atheist Meeting an angel, first post

Postby Summerlander » 19 Apr 2016 11:29

"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

- Padmasambhava

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Re: atheist Meeting an angel, first post

Postby ReXisDoXes » 18 Feb 2017 00:47

So Joshua is my 2nd fallen angel to kill, fallen angels have no right to say bad about God and our believes.
Target is locked and I'm ready to do it.

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Re: atheist Meeting an angel, first post

Postby jasmine2 » 18 Feb 2017 03:25

If a male character in a woman's dream is someone she knows, then the dream may deal, in some way, with her real world interactions with that man.

However, male dream characters may sometimes be metaphorical representations of an innate male aspect of the woman's psyche, termed the "animus" by psychiatrist Carl Jung, who devoted much of his career to the study of dreams and depth psychology.

The man in your dream was named Joshua. Joshua was a general in the Bible whose army laid siege to a city. According to the story, Joshua ordered his soldiers to create a mighty sound by blowing trumpets, and the city walls magically fell down.

Perhaps the Joshua in your dream has something to do with a psychological wall in your life, which you want to break through.

I recommend the following -
- Search - "Archetypes/Dream Encyclopedia" - -

Also, under article title "Archetypes" - click on - "A page with all Archetypes listed"
Then click on - "Archetype of the Animus"

- Book - "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" - by Carl Jung
(Amazon or available at many libraries)

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