Feeling Intense Pain?

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Feeling Intense Pain?

Postby erabella » 30 Mar 2016 15:09

Hey! :D

I have a question that`s sort of odd, I guess. How much pain can you feel when lucid? Does it feel real, as everything else in the dream does? I only ask because I have this recurring dream where I`m pregnant at full term, and I almost always go lucid during this dream. I started to think about if I ever went into "labor" in the dream....how much pain would I feel?

I know it`s weird, haha! Most of my dreams are :lol:

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Re: Feeling Intense Pain?

Postby ThePurple » 07 Apr 2016 03:40

How strange, for two people to ask the same thing days apart!

I answered to merya just a moment ago here:

ThePurple wrote:You can definitely experience pain, but, as with other aspects of lucid dreaming, your expectations guide the nature and intensity of it.

If you've never had a child in real life, the dreamed sensation probably won't be very accurate, as there is no model for the experience. I'm sure it would still be interesting, though... Let us know if you try!

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Re: Feeling Intense Pain?

Postby HAGART » 10 Apr 2016 05:58

It sure is a suspicious coincidence.

"Pain", is a very interesting aspect of life to think about more. There are many different kinds, and it turns out, we actually have a limit to how much pain we can feel.

I found this very interesting, but take it with a grain of salt:

Thoughty2 - Can Pain Kill You?

As for pain in dreams, I have experienced it a few times, but once my mind moves on to the next thing I totally forget about it. It's all in the mind, and can go away, just as quickly as it came. Real life pain however works differently, but there is truth behind 'mind over matter'.

If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

While in a lucid dream it's extremely easy to dismiss pain and forget about it.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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Re: Feeling Intense Pain?

Postby Skippy23000 » 12 Apr 2016 23:44

Well, I guess the next time you have a lucid dream, you can say to the consciousness
behind the dream, "I want to experience pain" and see if you learn anything from the experience.
Let me know how that works out. Seriously. I'm not being sarcastic...well maybe a little bit LOL.
But seriously, if there is a context for the pain, then it might be worth exploring. Can Love be painful?
I'm not talking romantic love. Can you love something so much it hurts both emotionally and physically?

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