Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

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Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

Postby jerseyguy77 » 02 Apr 2016 00:10

Hey everyone,

just thought I'd share a little of my story, hopefully maybe, it'll help someone avoid the same fate

I have had an on/off interest in the paranormal for many years, but last winter I decided to "go active" for the first time, I started experimenting with EVP

I didn't capture anything on my first few attempts and was about to give up but for some reason I kept trying

after about 2 weeks of no results, I captured several EVPs on a single recording....they were intelligent responses to

this captured my curiosity (unfortunatley looking back now), so I kept recording...actually it got to the point were it was becoming an everyday thing, but I started to notice voices on practically every recording I did.

they were very faint at first and I had to listen to the recordings over and over a few times to make out much of what was being said (though I'd occasionally get louder ones with a precursor "popping sound"

as they days went by the faint voices started to come into focus so to speak where I could hear them much better

I became so good at this that I started to develope a dialogue with these spirits

I would get names, when and where they lived...etc....etc...

to my surprise, many of these spirits claimed to be the spirits of people that I had either known or knew of, eventually I came to believe I was speaking to the spirits of some friends and family members who has passed away

I fell for it all HOOK LINE AND SINKER

every thing seemed fine, pleasant, benevolent for about a month and a half, then I started to get some not so pleasant voices showing up in my recordings

threats, insults, profanity, etc...

it started off slight, but seemed to get worse by the day, until it got so bad that it practically came to dominate my recordings, but the "benevolent" voices were still there as well, so I kept at it

then one day, while I was at my work, near a running fan, all of a sudden, very loud and clear, I started to hear these same menacing voices harassing me from over the fan noise...I was hearing this, just with my ears now

I was freaked out to say the least, so I stopped doing EVP right then and there, but it was too late already, in the weeks that followed, I increasingly had more incidents of hearing these menacing voices, it was often, though not always over some type of background noise or carrier sound and they say (I believe the spirits use the steady source of sound to enhance a voice, same concept as using white noise when recording)

another thing started to happen....I started to feel physical sensations as I lay in bed at night trying to sleep, it was usually a weird vibrating sensation, or the feeling of a finger literally coming up out of the matress and poking me in the lower back....getting to sleep started to become a problem

things escalated like this for awhile, then literally over the course of a single morning early last April, things just exploded to an extreme level..the voices were everywhere....non-stop 24/7 day and night, they were much more intense now too, some had this weird bass tone effect, where when they spoke I could literally feel the ground shaking....the physical attacks also became much more intense...sometimes I would feel intense stinging or biting sensations

to put it mildly I became a complete vegatable for many weeks, it became hard to function at my job, anything...I called out of work allot and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling listening to this onlslaught of tormenting voices all day and night

and the voices would constantly play mind games, they would claim to be demons and Satan one day, pissed off human spirits another day, once one of them claimed to be Jesus...they kept switching the story line

they would constanlty harass me about my "sins" and literally try and psychologically break me down...it was a nightmare I find hard to put into words
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Re: Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

Postby jerseyguy77 » 02 Apr 2016 20:45

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This week I’ve been reflecting a lot on my situation. As I wrote about earlier, this week marked the two-year anniversary of when I started to capture my very first EVPs on recording back in 2015. It’s amazing to me to compare my thinking and outlook about all of this from then to now. This time two years ago, my mind was racing with excitement. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was hearing so many voices on my recordings and that they seemed benevolent and very willing to talk with me. Little did I know at the time that within just two months, these voices and this talking would be used as a means of attack against me.

Back then, I thought that I was communicating with benevolent spirits. I tried to just make simple small talk. I would ask them things about themselves, like their names, where they were from, things of that nature. I admit that I quickly became mesmerized with fascination about all of this. With each passing day, I was hearing more voices on my recordings and as I strained the limits of my hearing by listening to each recording over and over again, I began to hear these voices more clearly. Things were moving very quickly. I got swept up in the situation and allowed myself to become blind to what was really going on. And what was really going on was that I was being deceived. I had opened the gate and let in the Trojan Horse.

By allowing myself to become essentially obsessed with communicating with these voices on a routine basis, by becoming swept up with the excitement and fascination without the good sense to pause, slow down and objectively reflect upon what was happening, I was setting myself up for a terrible fall. Things were moving fast, too fast and that’s how these entities that I was hearing on my EVP recordings wanted it. By the second month of recording, the kind and benevolent voices were starting to become not so kind and benevolent anymore. I began to hear things like threats, insults and profanity on my recordings. It started off slight as first, but grew worse by the day. They were getting things ready to spring their trap. The Trojan Horse was in position.

By the end of that second month, they sprung their surprise and they attacked. I had been communicating with them by hearing their voices on my EVP recordings and that’s exactly how they attacked me, with their voices. By the end of that second month, I was hearing these malevolent voices that I had been hearing recently on my recordings, but only now I was hearing them with just my ears without the need to record. In a very real way, they had come out of the recordings and proceeded to harass me with their voices to an extreme degree.

In the two years since this first started for me, I have found numerous other cases of this same situation befalling people. Now, I’m not about to take a huge leap of speculation and say that all EVP voices originate from this same malevolent element. I simply have no way of knowing that. I am personally inclined to believe that at least a large percentage of them are in fact, from this same trickster, deceiving, malicious element, who if they find a way, may wreak havoc upon one’s life to one degree or another.

After my own experience and after seeing many other accounts of this situation, I do know with certainty that this malevolent element does employ this Trojan Horse type deception quite often when they are setting someone up to harass and abuse. When I first started hearing their voices on my recordings, their voices and their overall manner was benign if not outright benevolent. So perhaps, in many cases it’s those most benevolent sounding voices that one may hear on an EVP recording that are the most deceiving and the most dangerous. Perhaps these kinder voices are looking for you to open the gate for them and their Trojan Horse.

Perhaps as a result of what happened to me and my own experience, I can’t help but to take a dimmer and more cautious view upon the matter, all I can say again is that they are out there…on the recordings…embedded in the noise….and they are looking for people to come along and unknowingly welcome them into their lives.
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Re: Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

Postby jasmine2 » 07 Apr 2016 02:52

Jerseyguy77 discusses experiments with EVPs - sound recordings which are said to be possible communications with spirits or ghosts.

People who experiment with EVPs, Ouija boards, automatic writing , or mediumship sometmes report troubling paranormal phenomena, such as hearing threatening voices.

Attitudes towards such voices can vary from "These are the voices of demons!" - to the more insightful theory that our minds are composed of many subpersonalities, which hopefully, usually work together harmoniously. However, sometimes, especially if a person has unresolved emotional conflicts, some subpersonalities can become disruptive bullies.

We are all familiar with "talking to ourselves", as a fundamental aspect of thinking. Inner voices are also common in hypnagogia and in conversations with dream characters. Some writers value the assistance they receive from their fictional characters, who may spontaneously help to narrate the developing plot of the story. Also, helpful inner voices and guides may be encountered in meditative and mystical experiences. And shamans greatly value help from their spirit allies when they undertake visionary journeys.

Following are some useful resources regarding how to work with inner voices.

(1) YouTube - "The Voices In My Head" Eleanor Longden - TED Talks
Eleanor gives a riveting account of her struggles with schizophrenia and hateful inner voices. She finally found hope and healing by working with empathetic psychotherapists, who helped her to communicate and negotiate with her inner voices, many of which became more cooperative and helpful.

(2) Book - "Young People Hearing Voices: What You Need To Know and What You Can Do"
by Sandra Escher and Marius Romme
(Amazon - Look inside)

(3) CYMRU - Hearing Voices Network - Wales - hearingvoicescymru.org
Under section title "Recovery" - See 20 informative articles

(4) Article - "Hearing Voices and Self Help" by Rufus May and Eleanoe Longden - rufusmay.com

(5) Article "The Larger Self" - Center For Self Leadership - by Richard Schwartz - selfleadeship.org
"I began to notice that some of my clients with eating disorders described extensive internal conversations with what they called different parts of themselves."

(6) Book - "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner
See especially - chapters 5, 8 and 11.

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Re: Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

Postby jerseyguy77 » 07 Apr 2016 03:22

these are certainly not my inner voices, I know that much

if someone has not experienced it though, it's hard to understand

but trust me, sometimes you just know what's coming from you and what's not

of course there are different reasons why people hear voices and these situations are not all the same

so I don't think it they should be all labelled together, but of course, sometimes we tend to do that

but there's more to heaven and earth ........ as the line goes
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Re: Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

Postby jasmine2 » 07 Apr 2016 22:40

I've watched some YouTube videos about EVP recordings of spirit voices. It is spooky that sometimes a specific word or words can be head, but often it sounds more like static.

I think it would be easy to fake some of these recordings. However, I respect the claim by jerseyguy77 that he honestly recorded unexplained voices on his device.

Reputable scientists have documented examples of poltergeist movement of objects in homes. Also, Carl Jung, respected psychiatrist, went through a period of intense psychosis-like illness. During this time, he had intriguing encounters with subjectively perceived characters, some of which which he associated with archetypes of the unconscious. He came to believe that some of these characters were objectively real and independent beings, and he learned how to effectively interact with them. (See book - "Jung On Active Imagination.)

Regardless of the source of troubling paranormal voice or other sensory phenomena, I still think that the international community of people who hear inner voices has compiled many useful suggestions for coping with this phenomenon. I listed several sources for these coping strategies in my previous.

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Re: Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

Postby jerseyguy77 » 07 Apr 2016 23:28

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Re: Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

Postby acheyshakey » 02 Oct 2016 05:42

Anyway, I've been seeing and experiencing the most terrifying visions, voices, nightmares, and sensations - the physical sensations started with burning and stinging and quickly escalated to huge bites, stabs, jabs, punches, kicks, and all matter of attacks. There are voices that accompany the attacks that say things like, "Stop thinking." and then hit me, as if I'm being held down in some sort of spirit prison. There's even a spirit that is narrating everything I do and there's been this terrifying "judgment day meets hunger games" scenario that I can't even really fully describe.

I'm wondering what you did to get back to some semblance of a normal existence and what the person the OP mentioned in the original post said or did to help you parse these out. I'm sort of worried about the long-term psycho-spiritual consequences of these interactions but I can only move forward a day at a time.

any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Re: Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

Postby jerseyguy77 » 02 Oct 2016 13:50

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Re: Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

Postby acheyshakey » 02 Oct 2016 16:38

I guess some of what I'm experiencing has been so extreme that it of course made me freak out -

specifically, there are themes of certain vulnerable individuals "taking the fall" for the spiritual battles of others. this combined with some of the violent and demonic visualizations and forced "agreements" really scared me. I kept feeling like I was being blamed for something and that the "leader" was saying something to the effect of, "you're taking the fall no matter what, there's nothing you can do."
imagine how shitty it would be if innocent, vulnerable random people who had nothing to do with whatever spiritual warfare is being waged above us ended up being saddled with eons of "demons" or negativity just because some higher up didn't want to do his own time.
i also had a lot of physical sensations that became really scary because it seemed like something was being manipulated or taken from my body. I would be walking down the street, for instance, and it was like someone was pulling something out of me and then i could feel the entity running away.
i was also developing my "clair" senses at this time, hearing, seeing, etc, and the things i started hearing and seeing and feeling in this world were terrifying. it was like everything i knew about this world was an illusion and the reality of this place is a hellish, hunger-games esque simulation for the entertainment of our overlords and i could hear myself screaming and felt myself being burnt like i was the latest "piggy" in lord of the flies.

i agree with you, though, that the story has changed so many times.
first it wasn't christian at all, then it was judgment, then it was satanic sacrifice, then it was warfare, then it was moralistic, then it wasn't.
i pray that it will resolve but of course there's this voice in the back of my head that wonders, "What will happen whenever I die? will I go to hell, and will it be fair that I am going to hell. is hell fair in the first place? what kind of spiritual damage have these demons done to me?"

PS I think it's interesting that other people on this thread mention doctors and or surgery, as that's how it started for me too.
it was right after a procedure i got, i complained about the professionalism (or lack thereof) of the doctor, his staff, and the hospital staff and it was like i had been cursed by a million people.

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Re: Hearing Evil Voices and Physical Attacks from Doing EVP

Postby jerseyguy77 » 02 Oct 2016 20:03

The voices put me through a type of trial situation in the very beginning as well,

they would also threaten me but nothing ever came of their threats

it was a process, but eventually I got control of my anxiety and the voices weren't as intense.

I still hear them, but usually it's just a faint background noise now, I've gotten pretty good where I can block out the content of what they are saying

controlling my anxiety helped with the physical disturbances to, I still experience them, at night mostly, but just like the voices, it's weaker now that it was in the beginning

I don't believe anything that the voices tell me now, I've made it a personal policy, this has helped me a lot, when I was interested in what they were saying, they'd constantly play mind games and I'd end up down the rabbit hole again

no matter what I hear them say now, I just don't pay it any mind, I'm just not interested...this has helped me push them into the background
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