How Lucid Can a Dream Become?

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How Lucid Can a Dream Become?

Postby Taetm » 03 Apr 2016 02:11

My first time lucid dreaming, I became aware that I was dreaming. I could manipulate my environments and change the scenery into what I subconsciously desired. How different is this state of consciousness compared to when you are awake? How are your desires different from when you are awake and when you are dreaming? Can you remember what you had planned for this lucid dream once you enter into it?

The times I've lucid dreamed it felt and seemed very real, but it didn't seem as real as day to day consciousness. How real can you make your dreams? Can you make them have every aspect of consciousness? Where you are conscious of space, time, emotions, thoughts, and environments? How much more conscious can you become? Is it really possible to live days or years within 8 hours?

I'm new to lucid dreaming and hoping to allow my interaction with these communities make me more inspired and prepared for lucid dreaming. I'd like to increase my knowledge, and also socialize with other people who have the same interests in lucid dreaming as I do.

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Re: How Lucid Can a Dream Become?

Postby RobertForsythe » 03 Apr 2016 23:18

How Lucid?

Pretty darn Lucid!

[But you will probably have to do it the old fashioned way -- you have to *earn* it!]
How I Project Consciousness In 15 Minutes Or Less & How You Can Too
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