Real Visual Clarity in LDs ?!

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Real Visual Clarity in LDs ?!

Postby PauliEffect » 06 Jul 2012 12:26

This is a question thread. Here is the background:

When I go lucid in a dream, meaning that the dream turns into an LD,
things in my surrounding becomes visually much clearer. As I sometimes
lose it and revert back to a regular dream, my visual impressions decay,
so things again become more unclear/blurred.

If I am lucid in a dream and move close to an object, for example something
on the ground, I am able to see that object in much greater detail compared
to when I was standing up. The object also becomes more visual focused, more
details can be seen.


The object doesn't become as clear and in focus as in physical reality. The
object still seems to look like something viewed through a piece of glass with
minor spots of grease. This means that the object becomes just a tad distorted.

Even considering "dream world fluctuations" (DWF), I still would expect some
objects to become visually, absolutely clear and focus sharp when I use my dream
eye-sight at close range.

In physical reality I'm a bit near sighted, so I have to wear glasses, and in an LD
I don't think anything has been into my focus, my view, as clear as it is in physical
reality, while wearing my glasses.

So my questions to you are, how clear is your nonphysical eye-sight in an LD?

Is you eye-sight in an LD as clear as in real life? If not, how close does it come to RL?

Do you need to do anything to get the best focused and clearest view in an LD?

And do you think any physical eye-sight impairment interfere with your LD eye-sight?

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Re: Real Visual Clarity in LDs ?!

Postby rothgar » 06 Jul 2012 15:18

I've come to realize dreams and dream quality are not consistant dream to dream. No absolutes. However I had an LD where I ws flying in a valley toward a huge plateu rising from he rocky floor of the valley, and it was stunning in clarity. I was extremely lucid so I noted the beauty and sharpness. I wear glasses but my sight is pretty decent, but this was crystal clear sharpness. Two nights ago I examined a bug in detail and almost decided I wasnt dreaming since the detail was so sharp. However, other times it is less than perfect. However my favorite lucid
was not 'real looking' but better than real, with the colors more 3d looking and the sky changing dimensions.... so real isnt necessarily the best possible.

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