dreaming about books

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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dreaming about books

Postby ashadow99 » 06 Jul 2012 16:39

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Re: dreaming about books

Postby WildCat23 » 09 Jul 2012 15:26

ashadow99 wrote:Almost every night, my dreams are about something I read. For example last night-
I was with Ron and Hermione and we were going to save the Sorcerer's Stone. We went through the door and saw Fluffy, or actually just red eyes glowing in the darkness. I/Harry played the flute and Fluffy went to sleep. Just before we jumped into the trapdoor, though, there was a panel of buttons. You had to chose if you wanted the obstacles reset or not, because someone had already gone through them. We left them as is. The next part of the dream was the giant chessboard. Ron told me to be the queen, but I didn't want to. We argued, finally I gave in. Since someone had already come through, there weren't many pieces so Ron was dominating. He kept bringing in some little orange squirrels to be pieces for the other side because he wanted the game to last longer.
So my mind accepts these things as real because of having recently read them. There's no reason for me to question something like that. A little help please?

Yeah, I do too. I think dreams are always related in some way to the things you did in the previous day. Sometimes, if I fall asleep reading a book, I'll actually dream I'm still reading that book!
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