Non-Lucid War Dream

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Non-Lucid War Dream

Postby idg18 » 19 Apr 2016 05:54

Last night in a non-LD, I found myself in a desert setting with a group of guys who, in waking life I have never met-but in the dream world were my best friends and brothers in combat. We (about six of us) were trapped behind a pile of rubble and a half-torn-down wall while a group of enemies were firing rifles at us. During the battle, my team lost one member, which I tried to save. After he died I began to ruthlessly return fire on this group of attackers and successfully took down their entire group. I have a detailed memory of the guns I used, the faces of those I killed, and the actions I took during the firefight, yet felt no remorse in the dream.

There are a few important points to the dream that are the reason I am even asking for aid in interpreting, they are the following: 1. I have no experience in military service personally, nor do I have friends who do. 2. I was shot several times during the fight and each time, it began to wake me up but I resisted and kept fighting. And Finally 3. I enjoyed every second of the dream while I experienced it, which is what worries me the most, as I could never imagine myself in such a situation.

Any feedback helps, please let me know if you have had similar experience yourself!

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