Questions about first "Lucid Dream"

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Questions about first "Lucid Dream"

Postby Eve0 » 21 Apr 2016 16:23

I'll just get right into it; I've been trying to lucid dream for about 3 weeks now, and last night, I had my first experience which could be considered a lucid dream. First of all, it's worth noting I didn't have that "eureka" moment, where I suddenly realized I was dreaming and became lucid, or if I did, I don't remember it. I was on a balcony, and I just started flying, and I could feel the wind on my skin. Throughout the dream, I did a bunch of reality checks, such as putting my fingers through my hands (but it didn't work), and tried to make the dream more vivid, by rubbing my hands together, which I read to do on this website. (It worked to an extent for me) As I was flying, I decided I wanted to swim, so I said "I want to create a huge ocean in front of me", and a river started appearing and rapidly grew bigger, but it wasn't an ocean, so I continued flying. I also read about creating new dream scenes, and upon remembering this I said to the dream, "I want this dream scene to change!" The scene did change, and suddenly I was in a old fashioned bar, with two doors on either side, one red and one green, and there were two people sitting at the bar. I started to talk to them, I think, but I can't remember the dialogue and soon the lucid dream was over, if you could call it that. I say that for many reasons. While I was flying, like I said, the reality checks didn't work. I've been trying to lucid dream for a while now and have been looking forward to it, and after waking up, I was surprised that I wasn't at all excited in the dream, or didn't feel any emotions, even when I was flying, which I imagined would be fun. Also, as I said before, I didn't really have that "eureka" moment, I was just suddenly "lucid", and did reality checks and all that, but at no point did I think about being lucid, even though I do think I knew I was in a dream. Finally, I've always thought that when you have a lucid dream, you'll know that it's a lucid dream for sure, and I wasn't sure, and still remain to be unsure if it was actually a lucid dream.

So I have a bunch of questions about this. Would you consider that a lucid dream, or was it just me dreaming about having a lucid dream? (I'm not even sure if that's possible, but that's what it felt like it was to me.) Is this a normal experience for beginning lucid dreamers? And, even if it wasn't a lucid dream, is this a step in the right direction?

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds! Hope you guys can help me out.

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Re: Questions about first "Lucid Dream"

Postby Skippy23000 » 21 Apr 2016 18:16

Congrats! You are now a lucid dreamer! Unfortunately the forum doesn't give out
award certificates but maybe they should. :lol: Yup. You had a lucid dream and I sincerely
hope you have many more. As long as you remembered to try to make changes in your dream
and were able to do so, it was a lucid dream. Not all LD will conform to the standard prescription
of LD onset. As to why the "reality check did not work I can't say. Maybe someone else can make suggestions about that. Most of your "intention" seemed to work because you WERE
able to "change" the dream scene.

So now friend, what do you plan to do with your new found abilities? Travel? Europe? The
Middle East? The farthest regions of outer space? The good thing is you won't have to go through the pat downs at the air port or have a passport and visa stamp! :lol:

Keep practicing the dream incubation techniques and don't be disappointed if they don't always work.
They DO work. If you fail to have a LD every night or even every week, it's not that your doing something wrong. There could be any number of reasons, probably having to do with your sleep habits or what is going on in your life, or even your diet. Maybe some people get TOO much sleep. But you WILL get better at it. Just be patient. I used to have LD frequently when I was a young guy in my thirties. As I have gotten into the senior years they have dropped off considerably, probably having to do with the aging process.

One last comment if I may: these are YOUR dreams. It is YOUR journey and no matter what interpretations you overlay on it, it belongs to you. It's your treasure so be circumspect on who you share your treasure with.

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