Tell me if this is Lucid Dreaming

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Tell me if this is Lucid Dreaming

Postby DBenedictos » 22 Apr 2016 12:05

I was studying late for an exam, I made a schedule to study for a specific amount of time and then sleep for one or two hours after repeating to study again. When I laid down for sleep, after a few minutes, opened my eyes, my body felt like shaking, at first it was hard to move but I gain mobility. I know that I'm suppose to be sleeping but at the same time I'm awake. I know I'm dreaming. My surrounding is the same when I first laid down, I was on my bed with my things. At first I thought it was a nightmare because of the fact that I wasn't able to move for the first few minutes but this was something different. In my dream, I was fully aware of my self, I checked my iPad for the time (it was 1:41am), and I opened my Laptop. Then of course, being the amateur, I started to panic. I go to my brothers's room and in my dream he was sleeping. I thought of the concept that when I got inside his room it would be 1pm and to my surprise it happened. I was constantly trying to ask him for help so that I could wake up and he said that I should wiggle my toes so I did but it's not working so I sat and said to myself that I have an alarm (in real life) that will be going off at 2:00 maybe that would wake me up so I waited for like 5 minutes but nothing is happening. I started to wake my brother and he got annoyed so he forced me out of his room and closed the door. After he had shut the door closed I woke up in my bed, in my real state of consciousness. I check my iPad and the time was 1:52am, 7 minutes before my alarm was suppose to go off. I got scared to I continued to study. Then after a few hours I slept again, and I prayed that for not to happen again. The shocking part is that it happened again, so this time I just ignored it, even though I was aware in my dream I just shut my eyes and continued to sleep and eventually I woke up to the sound of my second alarm going off.

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Re: Tell me if this is Lucid Dreaming

Postby Frisout » 22 Apr 2016 13:34

Now I am still new to lucid dreams, but I am sure I've read about this here:
To me everything, from being unable to move to all the other stuff, it looks like this has happend to you.
People use this to get lucid dreams, its called out of body experiences, I suggest you read that too if you are interested.

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Re: Tell me if this is Lucid Dreaming

Postby torakrubik » 23 Apr 2016 01:12

DBenedictos wrote: I know I'm dreaming.

Well this is exactly the definition of lucid dreaming, so yes you were!

I suspect your mind was so tired (perhaps due to lack of sleep?) that it tried to push into REM sleep right away and that was why you had such odd experiences.
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