Seeing results

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Seeing results

Postby Nazza » 01 May 2016 10:05

First of all, I feel this is the best avenue to tell someone about my experience, since I don't know anyone in my waking life who is interested enough to listen. And I have to tell SOMEONE right?

I attempted to start my path to lucid dreaming twice in the past three years, only to give up prematurely both times. This is my third attempt and after one week, I'm starting to see results, which is sooner than I expected.

Last night I had what I imagine would be termed as a semi-lucid dream. It was only very short so I won't go into what the dream itself entailed, only the fact that I knew I was dreaming in an, admittingly, blurry kind of way. Despite this however, it was still one of the most vivid dream experiences I've ever had.

That's all I really have to say. I'm just so excited and I can't wait to have another one so I can experience the full scope of a lucid dream! :D

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Re: Seeing results

Postby HAGART » 01 May 2016 22:16

I too never talk to people in my personal life about dreaming. It just goes over their head and they switch topics.

I don't need to reply with anything other than I heard you and it's great for you to know somebody was listening.

Keep at it!
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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