Skinny vs fat!

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Skinny vs fat!

Postby bob_syr » 02 May 2016 21:30

Beginning of dream: If the shoe fits . . ?
Walk or bike or drive, traversing up Comstock about a mile or a bit more, I returned back without my shoes having lost them on the trail. I went back and found one shoe and get this—my other shoe was there at the house. Did I make the trip wearing one shoe? It seemed like a paradox in the dream. The rest takes place around the University business district, around Crouse Avenue, Marshall Street, and Waverly. Bill Smith, a thin guy, was leaving to move someplace. We had an apartment on Crouse Avenue. We had a professor staying with us, a very entertaining guy, he was a good actor, mimic and did voices and imitations. He was corpulent. I saw him across the street talking to a person, maybe giving directions and he had the guy in stitches with his antics. Bill Smih’s job involved route sales. He’d go around to grocery stores and restaurants. I went with him one day, the last day he was there. My then wife and I, and our daughter were planning to take a trip. . to fly out west. We lived next door to one of Bill Smith’s customers, a small food store. I went with Bill there and then to one other customer on Crouse. --end of dream

Who? – Ex wife, daughter, self, overweight professor, Bill Smith, lady who owned shop next door
Where? – Comstock, Crouse Avenue, Waverly, Marshall Street
When? – 80s
Percent possibility index – 44%
Enjoyment scale 1 (low) to 10 (high) – 6

Précis: [awake] Shoe paradox. Seemed like one in the dream but awake I though of a few solutions. I lost the first shoe at the house and walked the whole trail not noticing it. If I was with vehicle I might not notice it all that much. The two visitors in the dream, Bill Smith (thin) and the professor (fat) may represent myself. Maybe that I should quit trying to get thin (Bill was leaving) and the talented fat professor (develop my own talents, voices etc.) and sense of humor. Maybe not.

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