Lucid Dream Conjuring: Inanimate Objects vs Sentient Beings

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Lucid Dream Conjuring: Inanimate Objects vs Sentient Beings

Postby HAGART » 07 Jul 2012 03:02

Ever since I learned about conjuring or summoning people, my lucid dreams have become more rewarding. Sometimes I summon somebody simply to have a self-gratifying sexual fling and other times I have conjured my very subconscious to have a deep, spiritual conversation.

But sentient beings that you can talk to and give answers to your questions is somewhat hard. They never appear out of thin air for me and I usually have to look behind corners or turn around to find them. Or just wait until you feel their presence before you can look at them and then they are simply there. Other times they are a no-show and I give up.

But there are things that I am good at conjuring and they tend be be objects or food of some kind. Just last night I had a dream that became lucid when I drove an ATV (all terrain vehicle) off a cliff. Later I was lucid again and wanted to conjure it again and ride around. I willed it to happen and even looked away and back again with the expectation that it would be there. But it just wouldn't appear.

I decided to do the things that I have done before and are tried and true to me. I cupped my hands together and willed some M+Ms to fill my palms and they did. I ate them and it was as real as eating them in real life. I've done that before and I am good at it. I can also place my hand on the ground, will something to appear, a blue, swirling, circle of light appears under my palm and then I lift it and the object appears. It is usually a beer that I share with a dream character or some food that I eat myself. (I don't drink in lucid dreams. It doesn't work, nor why would I bother).

But one time I tried to summon a woman to.. uhh... "take out to a movie and be a gentleman"... but it doesn't work. A ball appeared like an egg and when I opened it there was a woman inside but she was lifeless, without a being.

She was more of an object than a sentient being. I let her be, it was kind of creepy. I'm not a pervert, I just lose all inhibition in a lucid dream and I am honest about it. I also try to conjure 'spiritual guides' too and they always amaze me how they look and I have never seen the same one twice.

Long story short, conjuring food, and objects is easy. They can appear right before my very 'eyes'. But conjuring sentient beings that appear to think and feel is much harder and you have to wait for them and cannot force their arrival. Or can you? Even my subconscious that once said its name was HAGART has never appeared again and all my dream characters have no idea what HAGART is.

But if you have a re-occuring character that shows up in your lucid dreams, maybe you can conjure them quite easily. I don't have one, but I can conjure beer and M+M's quite easily. That is my super power. We all have our own talents and certain things come naturally to each of us differently in a lucid dream.

If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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Re: Lucid Dream Conjuring: Inanimate Objects vs Sentient Bei

Postby snowy_owl » 15 Jul 2012 07:06

I am not able to do either but I enjoyed reading about what you experience. I am working on trying to get more conscious during my dreams. I posted about dreams that corresponded to events that happened later and I also once met a woman in a dream who told me she was "a bridge between two worlds". I will have to try to meet her again.

Cool stuff with the M & M's, beer, the people you've met, the ATV and everything else!

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