I had it done finally

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I had it done finally

Postby efebeyyy » 06 May 2016 12:51

First of all english is not my native language so sorry for my engrish. And it's a long story so if you want to read only lucid dreaming part go to 3 phragraph. I marked it with ("").

I want to mention myself first. I am a 25 years old male. I try experiments about lucid dreaming since I was 11 years old. I never reached this level until yesterday night. I was doing it when I was a kid like 5-6 years old but it was still out of control. When I read about it 14 years ago I tried everything to reach this firstly levels. I tried dreaming good things (mine was a chocolate cake which is giving me the mood), tried moving my soul in my body, tried thinking my body is a half empty water bottle and shaking it, tried climbing to ladder method. I tried almost every method mentioned. Only thing I was getting a never slept full tired brain and body next day. So I stopped doing this things.I could taking the dreams control sometimes but then I was waking up immediatly.Never went full control of it.
I lost my father and then I become an alcoholic. So I was taking alcohol and going to sleep mindless. I did this for long years. Then alcohol brought me illness like panick attack. I have been hospitalized. Stayed in clinic 15 days. After getting out of hospital I started taking alcohol again. I wasn't happy at all. My life was so calm after losing my father I wasn't going outside. Staying at home. going to univercity 1 day a week. It was so boring life. Stopped doing sports. Then one day my menthal illnesses came back. I was so much drunk. Went to the 7. floor roof for suicide. I have afraid of heights couldnt do it. I came back to home. Take a lancet to cut my arm. But blood got soiled so I failed that too. Then I took around 100-150 pills. Looked at the mirror and said "That's it. Finally finished" then smiled. I layed down and slept immediatly because of alcohol. Damn what tha f.ck I was thinking. After 11 hours I woke up to vomiting like mad. I drank total 5 liters of water and vomit whole day. I was still alive. God didn't want me to go to hell. And human body is so strong. That day I learnt "you cannot die until god wants." 2 days later my kidneys was killing me hurting so much. But I couldn't go to the hospital because if they see my cutted arm they would put me in clinic again for 6 months. I lay down in pain, so much pain. Prayed to the god "Take my life". But god didn't want that and let me live. I wake up every morning with an unbelieveble kidney pain. 3 days later pain gone so hard I have been hospitalized. I went a private hospital. Hidden my arm. And never told to them that I tried kill myself. They gave me some serum and painkillers made me good. So long story short, I have become who is cannot take anymore alcohol, caffeine, salt or any other substance. This whole happened 1 week ago. So after hospital I was taking painkillers for my kidneys and went to sleeping. I was sleeping at least 14 hours a day for 3 days. Whole time dreaming. Dreams never stopped. Dreaming 3-4 hours, wake up, drank water as much as I can then went to another 3-4 hours dreaming.But never control them. So yesterday night I had sleeping problem for 1 hour. But I knew I would sleep soon. AND lucid dreaming happened there so I cannot tell this to normal ppl yet because they will never believe me. I woke up googled "lucid dreaming forums", found here applied an account to share my experience.

"I was having problems with sleeping. But I knew I would sleep soon. I started sliding from bed. It was scary. I fell down to the floor with my comforter eyes closed. I thought I was awake. Moved slightly other side of the room. There was another bed. (But in real there wasnt another bed). It was so scary. I slided back to my own bed. Then I started sliding to forward. It was so unreal. At that moment I understand like all my dreams its a dream and I am sleeping. But brain was full awake. I need to continue sleeping. My brain wanted to move my body in real life as an alert. I moved a little bit in real life and become 100% sure that I am dreaming. I had to continue. I stopped my body moving in real life. Tried keep sleeping. Screams started immediatly. Like 100 people was screaming in my head. Then I found myself in a closed bazaar (which I go there at weekends for buying vegetables and fruits). I was knowing it's a dream and I was gonna control it this time. I went to my favorite salesman for buying baby potatoes. (if you are an alcoholic baby potatoes are the best with alcohol you know :D) He started to me showing a carpet. It was a picture of a ship he said he painted it with an airbrush. But I had to test my controls. I wrecked his place. Because I didn't like the painting. We started fighting. But fight is totally under my control. I have beaten him and his friends. (it's impossible in real life. They are bazaar man like 3-4x bigger than me) Then I regret what I have done and restored all his place. Then I started sliding on my chest in the bazaar. I could go over 200 km/h. There was no limits. It was incredibly fun!. So I took the total control and gone for sexual things. Firstly I started kissing a random girl at there. Then changed here to my high school love. She was so pretty and clear in my mind. You know what happened next. I dont wanna tell this part. Then I changed the girl near me. Started walking the girl whoever I wanted in that moment. I tried to xplode vegetable and fruit benches. Whole vegetables and fruits xploding, moving around air. I wanted to them in slow motion. I could control the time. Then when I wanted I can fix whole thing again. My imagination was full of with violence and sexuality. It continued about 30-33 minutes in my dreams that I felt. At one point I wanted punch a guy. And he said "You know, you are in total control now. Punch me or not I will fly away the direction you want."

Then I woke up. Checked the clock. 4 hours has gone in real life.It was like inception.Dreams going 7x quicker from real life. I felt I never slept. My brain was so tired and my kidneys was hurting so hard. But it felt like I was in heaven. I have never been so much happy in my life. It was the happiest moment. And I had fear about what I would lose the control of my mind in my dreams. Because I never reached this level until this. I thought this experiment would enough for me for next 5 years. I have eaten somethings for taking painkillers again and went sleeping again. But I said to myself this time, I don't wanna control it tonight anymore. I need a good rest. I had two more long dreams out of my control. And I rested very well now.

Last words.I know it's a long topic but I had to tell someone to this. So I came to here and typed it even noone would read it. I am not ready for the next experiment yet since my mind is full of with violence and sexuality. I need to clear my mind. But if you still trying and cannot reach this levels, wanting advices from an experimenter:

-it's a long long way to go. (took 14 years for me)
-methods not gonna take you to the lucid dreaming but trying methods making you train to control your brain.
-I wrote down first paragraph for a reason, lucid dreaming could come in any day.
-Do not ever take drugs or alcohol for trying it. For controlling your brain you must be total clean.
-Read books as much as you can for greater imaginations.
-Never think lucid dreaming is a dream or imagination of people. It's real AF. Brain can do that.
-Do not forget you keep trying methods you will get tired brain and body next day. It can affect your real life as a negativeness.
-Do not try seperate your soul from your body.Do not try flying out of your window as a soul. It's useless. Try to go in full control and fly with your body.

Once you done, you feel great as menthal health. It was like heaven dude. Believe me. And I believe you can do it too one day. I hope you can! And last thing stay out of violence movies. Stay out of violence. Be full of with love. Love your lovings. Your family members. You will need this when you reach this levels :)

If you have read my experiment. I love you too. And need your advices too. Last thing never stop loving yourself!

Greetings from an experimenter from far away. Have a great day!

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Re: I had it done finally

Postby taniaaust1 » 21 May 2016 06:17

congrats on your experience. If you had sex with your exgirlfriend and didnt wake up, that is quite an achievement for a beginner in LD.
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