Not much will power?

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Not much will power?

Postby SnorlaxDreamer » 07 Jul 2012 03:11

I've tried to analyze this, and I might think I don't have enough will power when I become lucid, or I atleast fall back into sleep when becoming lucid. In my dreams, when I become lucid (I've only tried it two times), I don't seem to have the will power to tell myself to look at my hand. In my last lucid experience, I could feel my hands rubbing together, BUT I didn't look down at my hands a single time. I wanted to, but I didn't. It's like when you have minimal control, but is still aware? Maybe I couldn't see my hands in my dream because the dream were all shining with extreme light? That could play a factor too. I just need some help to maybe find out if I'm like not completely lucid, or if I just dont have the will power to demand myself in my dream to look at my hand.
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Re: Not much will power?

Postby torakrubik » 07 Jul 2012 21:43

I often find that it takes a significant amount of willpower to realize that I am lucid. Strangely, this is a several second process, not instantaneous. There is a large mental effort, then everything sharpens and focuses around me. I lose that 'drunken' feeling i have in non-LDs and continue the dream lucid.
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Re: Not much will power?

Postby rothgar » 07 Jul 2012 23:12

Dont sweat it. Happened to me once in a dream. I theorize I had just fallen asleep and some residual SP may have been in affect. After 5 or ten seconds mine wore off and I could move. But that isnt the norm. I suspect it wont be your normal experience.

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