First Lucid Dream Unintentionally?

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First Lucid Dream Unintentionally?

Postby haileymorgan13 » 11 May 2016 12:06

So, I believe that yesterday, I may have had my first lucid dream without even intending to do it. I've performed reality checks throughout the day for the past week, and the one that I use is to try and push your finger through your palm and if you can do it, you're dreaming. Yesterday, I woke up at around 4 AM and got up with my boyfriend and we watched movies and stuff until around 6 and then ended up getting in an argument before he went to work and then I ended up going back to sleep.

I had a nightmare, in which he was the cause of my fear, and I believe firmly that us arguing and not making up before me going back to sleep is what caused that. However, I remember my dream very clearly, which is very strange for me because I usually don't remember even tiny details about my dreams, so much so that for the past few months until just recently, it's been as though I haven't been dreaming at all simply because I don't recall any of it. But this one I remember. In the dream, we were fighting and he was yelling at me and threatening to hurt me and I remember thinking to myself, "try and push your finger through your palm - he wouldn't treat you this way, this must be a nightmare" but because my dream self thought it was odd to perform a reality check in front of somebody, since I keep these sort of things to myself, I didn't try it, but in my mind, I was continuously telling myself that this was a nightmare and not to be scared because I would wake up.

I had no control of the dream of anything like that, but I recall being aware that it wasn't real. Not aware enough that I could stop the nightmare and change it into something good, but aware enough that I wanted to perform a reality check and aware enough that I knew not to freak out because this had to be a nightmare.

Was it a lucid dream?

Enra Traz
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Re: First Lucid Dream Unintentionally?

Postby Enra Traz » 11 May 2016 12:51

You seem to be describing a pre-lucid dream--a dream that potentially leads to a full-fledged lucid dream. You can certainly use nightmares as dream cues to trigger lucidity. I don't think you were lucid in this dream because you were still involved in its plot as though it were really happening. You didn't know for sure it was a dream because, as you pointed out, you were reluctant to perform a reality check in front of a dream character you took to be your boyfriend. You might have had a slight moment of clarity, but it wasn't enough to obliterate that niggling doubt Keep trying, though. This dream is definitely a sign that whatever you're doing in waking life is about to pay off. :-)

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