Am I getting anywhere?

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Am I getting anywhere?

Postby Ace » 07 Jul 2012 14:20

Hey all!

Before reading the MILD technique, I'd sleep for around 10 hours a night, and I had a very hard time remembering dreams/having vivid ones. After reading the MILD technique, and dream recall pages, I had a very weird night.
First of all, I slept in 200 minute periods. I remember going to bed at around 1:10ish, waking up at 4:30ish (reality check and went back to bed), and finally getting up at 7:50. This was completely abnormal to me, because I'm like a 1:30-11:00 sleeper.

Anyway, I remembered everything of a dream, and it was much different than every other dream.

So can anyone tell me if I'm getting anywhere on this? Thanks

Also, if anyone feels like answering: How long should my dream journal be? Like how long should my summary be. I put about 1-1.5 paragraphs of information in it, so is that too much? Too little? Thanks again!

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Re: Am I getting anywhere?

Postby Ryan » 08 Jul 2012 18:19

Sounds like your consciousness is really trying to make you aware of what's going on. :)

As for the length of your entries... however long or short you feel you need them to be. I usually use point form notes. Just jotting down enough to remember the experience later.
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Re: Am I getting anywhere?

Postby Dreamer3456 » 18 Jul 2012 02:38

The same exact thing happened to me, I usually sleep for 10 hours straight but I tried MILD last night and I kept waking up in 200 min periods and I had really weird dreams. :o :o

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