Accidental lucid dreams?

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Accidental lucid dreams?

Postby Cauchemar » 16 May 2016 20:39

Hi lucid dreamers!

My question might be a bit different from what you usually see but who knows... Anyway, many years ago I learned about lucid dreams and started trying to achieve lucidity in my dreams. I had a dream journal, I did reality checks, etc. but it never worked. Ever since that time I'll recall lucid dreams once in a while and temporarily try but lose motivation to keep at it... About a month or 2 ago, however, I had a lucid dream, out of the blue, after maybe a year of not thinking about them.

It was amazing, first I looked out a window and I got surprised I could see a certain building from my house, then I realized it was impossible and that's when I realized I was dreaming. So I went around a house and looked at my hands cause I recalled someone saying they looked funny in dreams and indeed they did. I also shook my head when losing focus cause I remembered reading about that. I went outside and I tried to fly but I could only jump maybe 10-20 feet and fall back then woke up.

Ever since that dream, I've been having lucid dreams maybe once a week or 2. They're not as clear as the first one and they're mostly moments where I randomly think I'm dreaming for no clear reason and I'll do a few things then either wake up or get sucked back in the dream. Anyway this baffles me as I have never experienced this before and for some reason it keeps happening even though I don't really try. Just last night I was dreaming that wolves were around the house and I went from the back door and I was running and then boom, "I'm dreaming", so my instant reaction is to try to fly which I can't for more than a few seconds for some reason. Then I decided to turn into a beast and go fight the wolves. Then for some reason we stopped fighting and it was fine.

Most of these seem to happen in the morning (2-3 hours before I have to wake up). Anyway I'm just wondering if you guys ever experienced something like that. Of course I'm happy that it wasn't just a one time thing but now I'm afraid to actually start trying to have them and my mind just trolls me and doesn't let me experiece them anymore. I'm just not sure what I should do at this point. Any help would be appreciated!

Also worth mentioning that my dreams I feel are different these days, like I'm always dreaming of things that directly happened to me the same day or recently, it's quite strange. Like my brain is not dreaming the way it used to before. I often find myself confused at a memory, wondering if it actually happened or if it was in a dream. I'll recall stuff and be like, "wait, this actually never happened" but it's connected so closely to what I'm living that it feels real. It never happened to me so much before.

Anyways I hope I didn't bore you with my nightly adventures! If you have an answer or just comments feel free to post them! Thanks for reading!

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Re: Accidental lucid dreams?

Postby ThePurple » 16 May 2016 22:46

It's possible that something you encountered during the day activated the lucidity schema, without you being consciously aware of it at the time, which caused this "spontaneous" lucid dream.

For those actively pursuing lucid dreams, it's common for them to enter from simply noticing things are odd. I would have to sift my journal more thoroughly, but I have the sense that this realization happens for me more often when the dream environment is closer to my current waking life, rather than something fantastical or nostalgic. If you're like me, then, the shift in your dream content could also have played a role.

I wouldn't worry too much about messing things up. The only ways I see that happening are if you are trying so hard you're losing sleep quantity or quality, or you're expecting them to get messed up. ;)

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Re: Accidental lucid dreams?

Postby HAGART » 19 May 2016 05:50

I wonder how old you are, Cauchemar, and if something does indeed change in us which affects our dreams? I read about how children dream (or a YouTube video), and since they have no waking life experience, most of their dreams are complete fantasy with a lot more emotion due to a growing mind. When we dream, our brains sort out the days events, so for a child, EVERYTHING they experience is new so they dream much differently.

I've had many dreams growing up, but never wrote them down. I started to get a few lucid dreams once a year in my 20's and then it started to happen once every few months, and, now that I'm in my 30's I rarely go a week without one, and sometimes get 3 nights in a row of lucid dreams. I've also noticed that the dreams tend to be true to life, almost like a false awakening, more often than I ever remembered before. And yes, they often occur in the morning when our REM sleep is in full swing.

I also experience this thought often during the day: "What is this memory I have? Did I see it on TV last night, or was it in a dream?"

I relate to what you're experiencing. I never read how to lucid dream. It just grew over time, and now often become lucid spontaneously. Lucid dreaming generates even more lucid dreams for some reason.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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