a interesting dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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a interesting dream

Postby Frisout » 22 May 2016 12:03

so I had vage, fuzzy dreams for like a week or more now, but tonight I became lucid 2 times again, although I can only count 1 as a lucid dream..


the dream was really vage, I knew it was a dream but 0.1 seconds later I woke up already.
The only thing I could remember was the face of my crush looking a bit pissed off close to me.


note: I will skip like 50% of the dream here because it was non-lucid and doesn't really appeal to any other part of the dream. in short: I was at a funpark with my class.

It is evening, me and my parents are going to a building made out of glass.
My class mates and their parents are there too.
I asked my mom at what time we are leaving, she gave me a vage answer but told me I could have a beer if I want.

I walked to some of my classmates sitting at a table, I forgot my ID so I was not able to get a beer, I thought I wanted a fanta, I was looking at my crush who was sitting at the table and then suddenly I noticed how there was a fanta in front of me. I thought it was weird since I didnt order it yet, I thought about it a bit and then realized I was dreaming!

I walked out of the building, it is daytime, the sun is shining. I am walking trough a grassy area with a few trees and old buildings.
The is a minecraft pig and another guy with a green shirt who looked like my age walking with me.

I see some reeds and a pier, I walk on the pier which was around 2 meters long, there was a lot of water with small waves, like the sea on a clear day.
I saw some old buildings / farms next to the water, when I looked to the left I saw 2 red modern buildings behind each other.

I kept standing there for some moments, the pig and guy were standing behind me enjoying the view too. I tried to get my crush to stand next to me and enjoy the view too, since that would have been romantic af, but he didn't appear. then I decided to walk away.

Then the guy finally started to talk, he told me he knew we were in a dream too, he was totally lucid just like me.
He said that we are all just people who never want to die in this world, in the dream I completely understood him but now when thinking about it I actually don't really know what he meant...

Then I walked to my house, the pig and guy were gone, I was in my garden and thought ''yolo''
I went to do a parcour through it, something I can never do in real life. I climbed on the fences, jumped on the shed, climbed in some trees etc.

Then I decided I wanted to have some ''fun'' in this dream, some girls came on a bike, I thought ''This is my dream, I can do what I want'' then the girls came to me and we did.. stuff...

But after a few seconds I woke up, atleast I thought so, I had a false awakening!
My dad and brother came in my room dancing and I was like wtf no get out!

Then I woke up for real.

I think its funny how my dream was like nope, no sex for you, and gave me a false awakening xD
Thats all, please tell me what you think of it, im keen to know.

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