I think I had a semi lucid dream?

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I think I had a semi lucid dream?

Postby kennethlin » 25 May 2016 13:12

So I have heard about lucid dreams from my friends and I was just researching on this website earlier about it and I read about the constant reality check. This morning I woke up to having very little memory about the dreams I had last night. Then I went back to sleep again thinking about how I am gonna be lucid in my coming dream. I was in a dream soon with me and few other guys cooking in the kitchen. I was more of a observer of the dream. Then I started to say things out loud to try to establish my presence. That is when I remember the reality check. I started pushing my hand towards the table and rubbing both of my hands together. Soon my dream took me to a completely different place. during the transition phase I had so many anime characters and scenes flashing in front of me. It was really really cool! As a Chinese kid I watched a lot of anime when I was little but I honestly stopped watching it a long time ago. I am 19 years old btw. Soon I am in a scene where everyone is a anime character. There are three monsters on a stage and everyone is sitting down and watching them.... weird. I see Luffy from One piece, a character who is known for stretching his body however he wants. I became him and I try to punch the monsters from my seat because I remembered that he can stretch his arms. But it didn't work then I went on stage and beat all the monsters up. I knew I was in a dream by then and I tried to punch them the way I feel like Luffy would do. then I woke up. If you are still reading this THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!. Please tell me if you think I had a semi lucid dream. When I had all those anime scenes flashing in front of me it was like the coolest thing I have ever felt or seen.

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Re: I think I had a semi lucid dream?

Postby Haradaska » 26 May 2016 17:06

If you knew you where in a dream then your were probably in somewhat of a lucid dream. Just in a very early stage.
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