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Allo There

Postby andrejbs » 27 May 2016 10:56

Hi there!

My Name is Andre, i'm 33 years old and I'm from South Africa. I've had many lucid dreams over the years but in the last 2 years they have become much more frequent and i've taken an interest in studying this phenomenon. Hope you don't mind me giving my take on this.

In my case, in the recent years it mostly happens like like this for me : I would wake up at about 3am, unable to fall asleep straight away, so my mind starts to drift off while being fully awake. Then at a certain point I start to feel vibrations come and go. I know at this stage that my body is about to fall asleep with my mind wide awake. The vibrations become stronger and stronger then usually I would spontaneously roll off my bed (not physically though) or feel like I'm falling deep into something. I believe this is where the separation between body and mind takes place as the vibrations stop.

At this stage I'm awake but asleep. Lucidity of this state varies according to how tired I am (i think). Times when I'm really tired the lucidity would be very high along with strong vibrations and separation compared to when im not really tired.

My take on the vibrations is this. I believe this wakeful state i.e. the current world we live in, vibrates at a specific vibration. Anything lower or higher than this would put us in an altered reality. Now my body obviously cannot enter another reality but my spirit and consciousness can and I believe every person enters that reality every night they go to sleep.

We feel the vibrations when our consciousness goes to another frequency, because my consciousness as I type this is vibrating at this world's frequency, together with it, but when it goes to another frequency it will become out of sync, and that is what we experience as vibrations.

Its like 2 guitars playing the same string, you cannot hear that 2 guitars are playing, but as soon as the pitch of the string on one of the guitars changes, it is apparent that it is out of sync and it will vibrate / oscillate according to how much it is out of sync.

Once our consciousness becomes completely out of sync with the physical world, we detach consciousness from the body and we are now conscious of a different frequency or reality. (This might only be a partial or perceived detachement according to how tired the body is)

I've also found that experiencing vibrations is very refreshing on the body and soul. I can have no sleep for a whole night, be very tired at 5am, but then feel strong vibrations on and off for about 30 minutes or so, and feel rejuvenated at 7 am.

So this lead me to believe that the more tired the body becomes, the more separation is needed in order to recharge the soul and consciousness, hence the stronger vibrations. So I conclude that sleep is the act of resting the consciousness from the life of the body...

I have also experienced a mind-split at other times, in short, this is when my "super-consciousness" becomes aware of my normal consciousness along with the fact that my normal consciousness is not aware of my super-consciousness. This has been very interesting to me, but more on this some other time...

Glad to be able to share some experiences here!

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Re: Allo There

Postby Peter » 27 May 2016 21:36

Hi and welcome

Interesting and pretty much the same sort of experiences over the years. I say its a detachment from external sensing to internal with the vibrations as we lose connection with gravity and that lack of anchoring causes the floating and sinking feelings.
Yip the vibrations can be fun and refreshing. I find with a long lucid I am also getting better sleep so it a good combo
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Re: Allo There

Postby Summerlander » 28 May 2016 01:08

Hello and welcome, Andre!

I like your dualist hypothesis where the mind is separate from the body and tapping into other frequencies of reality through vibrations. You will certainly add more colour to the site. 8-)
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