How do i develop this?

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How do i develop this?

Postby Spriteon » 02 Jun 2016 19:52

Hi All,
I'm am currently 17 and am from England, when i was younger (around 7) i began having a recurring nightmare about being stuck in a room with no way out, i would be unable to exit the room and i'd stay there until i woke up, each time whilst in the dream i'd have no idea i was dreaming, i would wake up each morning crying and find my mum (as any 7 year old would do) i'd tell her about the dream and she'd comfort me, this nightmare occurred most nights until the point where i would recognize in the dream that i was dreaming as i'd been in this situation many times before, the first few times i noticed i was dreaming i'd instantly wake up, but after a while i would stay in the dream and managed to start controlling it (i was no longer in the room but couldn't really do anything special, i would wake up shortly after leaving the room), i only just found out from an online video that being able to control your dreams was called lucid dreaming, i have since stopped having this nightmare, which has made me unable to know when i'm dreaming whilst inside a dream, i would love to go back to being able to control my dreams, are there any techniques i can use to do this????

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Re: How do i develop this?

Postby Haradaska » 03 Jun 2016 13:16

Hi, just look through this forum and theres PLENTY of information surrounding what your looking for. After all this Is the lucid dreaming forums.
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