My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 29

Indication of Realizations in Descent state of austerity

131. 4th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: A very high water tank was seen and from the top a chain of innumerable human beings both known and unknown was hanging with heads down, just like the bats hang . Each man is holding the legs of another one and so on. The end of the chain is not traceable. Standing on the ground I became astonished seeing this peculiar thing The dream then was off.

After 2-3 days the meaning flashes in my mind —well, does it not show that the traditional religion of human race is just opposite to our new concept of religion? Again after a long time another meaning came automatically that this might indicate that in future the seer will have austerity in Descent.

Blessing of Dasmahavidya (Ten forms of goddess Kali) and
conversation with goddess chamunda

132. 6th June, 1976.

At night I had a trance. Suddenly I heard the voice of an old woman, although she was out of vision. It seemed as if she was saying, ‘Jibankrishna (Diamond) saw me as Chamunda (Another form of the goddess Kali). It appeared to my mind, then why Jibankrishna could not trace her through his mind focusing in every direction within the brain ?( It happened in reality. In 1960, Diamond or Jibankrishna had a vision of Chamunda). Suddenly it seemed she was telling, ‘my origin was not in the seventh plane but from the lingasarir ( Annyamay kosha or 1st, 2nd and 3rd plane as it seemed to the seer within the dream). I have different forms. Which of these you want to see? I answered through my thoughts (Telepathic language)—I shall see the figure of Kalyani( the last figure of Dasamahavidya). Here the trance was off. It was noteworthy that all the conversations were through telepathic language.

After 8-10 days I saw in a letter of the late Dhirendra Nath Roy on the occasion of Jibankrishna’s vision of Dakshayani (Dakini) that in Lakshmi Tantra different forms of the goddess Kali are described and their origin is in Annyamaya Kosha(Sheath) or 1st, 2nd and 3rd plane and the last form is Kamala which denotes goodness. This vision makes the seer to achieve control over five elements.

Here in the trance of the seer the goddess Kali in the form of an old woman was pleased with the seer and gave him a boon to see the last form, which according to Lakshmi Tantra might be fruitful in his life in future in any way .

Vision of other’s condition

133. 10th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: I had gone somewhere at Sainthia of Birbhum District where Mr. Khagendra Nath Ghosh, a devotee of Jibankrishna. It seemed as if Mr. Indra Nath Mukherjee was also accompanying me. As soon as I went to the house, Mr. Ghosh opened the door himself. I noticed that Mr. Ghosh had become very normal . Dhiren Mondal and Debkumar Choudhury, other two devotees were also present there. After a long conversation I came back and the dream went off.

[In reality Mr. Ghosh was passing through some brain abnormalities and became normal at present which was unknown to me. Through dream the real condition was revealed to the seer.]

Stability of ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ in the body

134. 16th June, 1976.

Just in the pre-awakening condition from sleep in the early morning I was hearing someone’s voice uttering continuously the sound ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’. While hearing this sound I woke up.

[The realization indicates that the effect of the sayings of the book ‘Dharma O Anubhut ‘ is going to be stable within the seer (as per dream no 5)].

Stability of the Realizations in Ascent state of Austerity

135. 17th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was climbing up on a hill through a hilly path . Nobody was found anywhere. The path was rough and muddy. After a distance it was pitched. I crossed that part and reached the hill top. At this moment I noticed that a married woman was standing beside me. It seemed as if somebody was with her. She told somebody pointing me—‘He has come to such a long distance place! It seemed that she had accompanied me up to this place just to help me, but I did not notice her and ignoring her I looked at the top and saw the path was very inaccessible. In spite of that I began to climb up with great difficulty and near the peak through a passage I at last reached the peak. I saw the sky only and felt a great pleasure. Looking on the other side of the hill I noticed a paved platform and a temple-like house.

The scene changed and saw myself talking to one of my friend named Debasish. At that moment I received a photo and with great astonishment I said to my friend, ’look, this is the photo of the scene! Which I experienced a little while ago in my dream’! Saying this I looked and looked on the photo with great surprise and went on thinking—Well, this is that path, then pitch road and then the stiff slope!

Just at the moment of awakening, it flashed in my mind—Oh! This was the path which I saw in a dream on 17th May, 1976! That was the same scene; only I went by a cart pulled by many horses.

[ After many days the seer realized that this scene denoted the internal condition of the seer—the path and roads indicating different spiritual nerves, the hill top indicating the seventh plane or Sahashrar, then climbing down meaning the descent of ascent and photo indicated that this was established in him and now he will have the experience of descent as he climbed down through another side of the hill.

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