Two LDs in two nights!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Two LDs in two nights!

Postby Harry Potter » 05 Jun 2016 18:22

Hey, it's been a few weeks, and a while before that even. I've been pretty busy with school, so I haven't been on here so much. The business with school has also caused a lack of lucid dreaming efforts; I've been too preoccupied and overwhelmed by everything else that I've fallen behind on RCs, dream journaling, etc.

Because of this, I haven't had very many LDs as of late. I posted the most recent on that I had on here a few weeks ago. Earlier this year, I was having one every week and a half, but I've backtracked a little... Anyhoo, I had one two nights ago, and another one last night. The one two nights ago was very brief; I lost lucidity almost immediately. I went to bed last night thinking 'Darn, there's no way I'll have one two nights in a row.' Lucky for me, I was wrong :)

Two Nights Ago:
I am in my house. I don't remember much of the lead up to lucidity. I am standing in the back room, and I all of a sudden wake up momentarily. I am still, more or less, dreaming, but I can feel my body in my bed. I try to hang onto the dream, and am conscious enough to recognize that if I can hang onto it, I will be lucid dreaming. I sort of throw my consciousness into my dream body, and reach down to touch the ground (in the dream). Boom, it worked; I'm having an LD. I guess I wasn't as lucid as I thought: I decided I would go to my room to find something to do. I go to my room, go back into the back room, and lose lucidity completely.

Last Night:
I'm in my house, walking down the hallway into the back room. There is an old lady sitting in a chair in the back room. Something is wrong here. It occurs to me that this is right where I became lucid the night before. And with that, I am lucid again. I see my family in the driveway, through the window. I decide I will see what they are doing. I figure I can just jump through the window. Instead of just passing through it like intended, it stretches with me, all the way to the ground. Once right next to the ground, I sort of *pop* though it. I recall one of my goals, that I've had for a long time, but only experimented wth briefly: shapeshifting. Without taking much time to think about what I will shapeshift into, I try to turn into a girl. I use my hands to mold myself, as if I were made of clay. I feel myself grow way taller as I do this. I focus on a point on the ground, and imagine 'zooming in' to it; this works, I can feel myself shrinking. My family begins to walk down the street, and I follow them. I walk with them for some time, and have a conversation that I can't recall before losing lucidity.
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