Dreams work like TV shows

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Dreams work like TV shows

Postby Roses&Clover » 06 Jun 2016 00:48

So I've noticed that most of my dreams these days work like TV shows or films (this is probably because I watch FAR too many of them, but hey ho) but I think it's the reason why I can't lucid dream any more.
Let me explain, I'm not usually all that present in my dreams anymore, I'm more of an observer, and I'm aware that the people in my dreams are "playing parts", like I'll remember thinking "oh that's soandso playing THE ROLE of the doctor in this scene", but there's no camera crews or sets or anything like that, just the knowledge that they are actors, or characters, and not real people in real life. I don't mistake it for reality.
I have lucid dreamt in the past, years ago, and only a handful of times, and I wanted to try again but I just couldn't quite become lucid. And it was infuriating because I was writing down my dreams and reality checking, all of the things I'd done in the past to lucid dream, but nothing was working. Then it dawned on me, I already know in my dream that what's happening isn't real, just as I know when I watch TV awake that the TV isn't some magic box showing me real life. I can't become lucid because I'm not having that moment of realisation that what's happening isn't real. I know it isn't, and I don't know how to get around that in order to control my dreams? Any ideas?

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Re: Dreams work like TV shows

Postby Nekomancer » 06 Jun 2016 02:37

When you realize you're dreaming but you're only an observer, try looking down and trying to find/look at your hands and feet then try moving them, then maybe that will "create" your dream body, Good Luck. :)

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