dream attack evil enity

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dream attack evil enity

Postby markymark624 » 06 Jun 2016 08:39

Ok first off I have always been a lucid dreamer since i was a child. Being able to dream and go on any adventure i chose.
About 20 years ago i started having this dream where this evil thing that kind of looks like an evil imp attacks and messes with me. At first he used to think it was funny to wake me up. One night after multiple attacks and being woke up multiple times in one night i decided to have my mother watch me fall asleep just to see if it was really a dream or something else.
She watched as i fell back to sleep with my dog at my side. In my dream this imp thing would come out of the ceiling straight down on me and attack me. When i violently thrashed to wake up i looked at her and asked if she saw it. She said ,"no. But your dog did" . My dog was looking at the ceiling growling where this thing had appeared in my dream. I eventually acknowledged this thing and convinced myself that "I, not it had the power". It soon stopped.
Years later I started having dreams about my dad who had past visiting me. It looked like him in the dreams but he would never speak. I could sense something about him wasnt right as he always wanted me to follow him and would just smile. My wife would usually wake me up from this recurring nightmare as I would be crying in my sleep. We both agreed one day that this in fact wasnt my dad but something else. The next time I had the dream I told him you are not my dad and that I wasnt being fooled anymore. Those dreams stopped after that and the next few years I would have pleasent dreams or none at all.
Recently this original enity seems to have found a way back in. I dream that I am about to go to bed and I start dreaming. So I am dreaming in my dream. Then it starts to violently attack me as fast as it can. As if to do enough damage before Im able to wake. My wife will try to wake me and I can phsyicaly feel her trying to wake me but its like she cant reach far enough into the 2nd layer dream to get me out.
How do I handle this? Because its taking its toll on me.

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Re: dream attack evil enity

Postby markymark624 » 06 Jun 2016 08:56

I would like to point out that I am an Empath and have abilities that I didnt ask for. Most times it seems more of a burden. So Im wondering if this might have some bearing on what's happening. ( yes i know telling ppl about being an empath makes them think you are crazy).

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Re: dream attack evil enity

Postby Pilgrim » 07 Jun 2016 11:59

Hello! Everybody will give you different advice, depending on the underlying world view. In my case, I do believe that good and evil spiritual beings exist. I also believe in God,so I seek God for spiritual solutions. I believe your dog and you, by the way.

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Re: dream attack evil enity

Postby RavenTotem7 » 24 Aug 2017 12:36

I find that I have to pull myself out of the dream usually, by reaching out for something that is living/breathing. This is usually my husband or my cat. My cat senses evil entities like your dog. Animals just know. The other thing I have been able to do is pray my way out. I tell the entity this: "if you are not from my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I command you to go back from whence you came". This always works also. Hope this helps.

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Re: dream attack evil enity

Postby 24/7/365 » 24 Nov 2017 17:58


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Re: dream attack evil enity

Postby tacocatburp » 09 Dec 2017 08:55

I have had many similar experiences mark. Mostly of my attacks occurred to me laying in bed with my eyes open, by three dimensional shadows while they somehow take advantage of or help perpetuate sleep paralysis.

I usually just flat out tell them to scram and they run like scared children, but rarely I encounter more persistent attacking boogers (one had his knee on the bed and was leaning over choking me), so in these cases I fully relax and send them pure love, and they quickly disappear.

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