My lucid dream is like a movie. Why?

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My lucid dream is like a movie. Why?

Postby MegaVrund789 » 08 Jun 2016 21:51

I've had several lucid dreams such as like, there are scenes shifting, like when i talked with someone, it was like a movie, i talk, then the person talk's it bothers me alot. There just not first person view. I want to have first person view lucid dreams. Any Help?

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Re: My lucid dream is like a movie. Why?

Postby Pilgrim » 10 Jun 2016 07:40

It sounds like you might lack lucidity a bit. You might try leaving the scene of the movie by turning away. Create motion by falling over to fully feel and stabalize the dream body. When I am able to fall from a height that would not kill me in real life, but create vivid motion in the dream body, it sometimes helps me to establish increased lucidity and freedom.

I caution against habit of falling from dangerous height , just in case you ever have surgery or something where you could have lingering influence from medication and not distinguish fantasy from reality. If you are accustomed to taking life risks in your dreams, you might not diffentiate properly in real life someday. I have never heard of this actual problem, but my concern for safety seems rational to me.

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Re: My lucid dream is like a movie. Why?

Postby Knife » 10 Jun 2016 19:17

That's because you and your dreams are part of a Martian sitcom, that's why! :twisted:

Maybe you can try to practice awareness during daytime?
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