Can't move in lucid dreams

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Can't move in lucid dreams

Postby Complete » 09 Jun 2016 01:40

Hello I'm new to lucid dreaming and need some help. Today I had a lucid dream when I learned that I was dreaming and I tried to walk I fell down, my legs felt weak. I had a dream the night before (not lucid) where my legs felt weak. Another lucid dream i had when I tried to leave my house it was being attacked. Did this happen to any of you can do you know a way of fixing it?

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Re: Can't move in lucid dreams

Postby Pilgrim » 10 Jun 2016 07:23

Okay. I understand. You might try simply not worrying about whether your legs work. The majority of my lucid dreams resemble floating. You might even be able to fly and enjoy the experience much more. The sensation of air hitting the body with flight can feel very realistic.

Currently, I am having an opposite problem where my dreams are too real in how everything works. So, I have not been able to fly recently, but the feel of gravity (as waking and jumping) are very realistic.

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