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Postby LDBegginer » 12 Jun 2016 11:29

So I recently had a dream in which I was walking down an alley with my friends but I could knock myself out to have an OBE. Even though that part sounds crazy, I still had no idea it was a dream. After falling to the ground and knocking myself out I did have an OBE and even though I thought it was an OBE, I naturally did a reality check. My hands looked normal, I could read but I couldn't find anything to check the time. I knew I didn't have an OBE because when I woke up I remembered that I picked up a piece of paper to read from but the writing was fine every time I checked. Can someone please explain why this has happened. Thanks.

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Postby Unicorn2000 » 21 Jun 2016 10:10

I'm not a lucid dreamer specialist but I can try to explain with my personal experience.
One day, I woke up like normal and did a RC. My hands were okay so I thought it was reality. But when I opened my window, I saw an enormous hurricane in the streets. I understood it was all a dream and tried another RC: if I paid enough attention, I could see that one of my nails was long and curvy. So what I learnt is to really pay attention to your RC and see the details of your hands. RCs can have numerous results: they can be all different. For exemple, I did a RC in a dream and found that my hands were bloodstained.
There are also many other RCs if yours don't work: one of my favourites is to pinch my nose (if you can still breath, than you are dreaming).

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Postby R99 » 23 Jun 2016 15:13

Hey there, it happens to me alot. Most of the time RC won't work in my LD. For me its better to stick with logic question. Like " where am i?" and " what I am doing.?" Where is this place?", am 100% sure u r gonna struck with confusion. Try this on ur next attempt. Good luck dreamer.
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Postby upstairsmuffin » 03 Jul 2016 18:07

I experienced my reality checks not working last night. I realised I was where I should not be, so this made me question if I was dreaming. I started to examine the details of the things around me, staring at faces, trying to read something which didn't quite look right. I was suspicious that I was dreaming, but I wasn't convinced. I then did my reality checks. I pushed my fingers into my palm, hoping they would go through, but they did not. I felt them push against my palm as they do when I do it while awake. I did it with my other palm, same thing. I thought my palms looked vivid too. I then tried squeezing my nose shut and breathing, this did not work. I could not breathe. I even got someone sitting next to me to slap me. The dream just continued on.
At least I was questioning my reality whilst dreaming, I think that's a good sign. But I was disappointed my reality checks didn't work. I probably just need to put more effort into my reality checks when I do them while awake.

I imagine that most of the time when reality checks do not work, it's just our expectation hindering us. When we perform our reality checks in waking life, we need to be open to the possibility of doing the impossible, so that when we do them in our dreams we are again open to the possibility and that allows it to happen in our thought-constructed universe. Stephen LaBerge explains it here:

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