Me and my ex-boyfriend having the same, yet different dream

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Me and my ex-boyfriend having the same, yet different dream

Postby dreamgirl » 09 Jul 2012 05:53

I was in a deep relationship with my exboyfriend for 1 1/2 years until I decided to break up with him, because I was unhappy. It was very hard to do so because he was very controlling of me, but I finally did. I had stayed away from him for one week before he convinced me to meet him to talk, and he told me this...

"Last night I had a dream that I was lying in bed facing you spooning you on my side. I was holding on to you so tight, and it was so good, and I woke up in the middle of the night holding on to my pillow..."

Right then is when I freaked out. The night before this is the dream I had:
I was lying in my bed with my ex-boyfriend holding on to me so tightly, fast asleep. I was so uncomfortable and trying to wiggle my way out for what seemed like ever, until I finally did and that ended my dream.

Of course, I did not tell him this because if I did it would really hurt him to know that we were close enough to share such a crazy experience. But the dream in itself is a clear message to me. I've been away from him for months.

Just thought I would share this to give hope to any curious people out there, I truly know for a fact that it is possible to see the same dream as another person.

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Re: Me and my ex-boyfriend having the same, yet different dr

Postby Maxrules14 » 09 Jul 2012 06:04

that's really interesting. maybe since the same thoughts were in both of your heads, it is common to have a dream of something you have been thinking about a lot in one day.
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