My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 30

Accompaniment with devotees

136. 19th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: I saw myself spending my days at a place like Makardah, Howrah with Ananda Mohan Ghosh and Anath Nath Mondal, two companions of Jibankrishna. Then the dream went off.

[The dream again signifies that the seer is continuously having regular spiritual practices even in dream.]

Indication of controlling the spiritual world in
future through the Holy Ghost

137. 20th June, 1976.

Noon time dream: I was going on saying—‘In future the days will come when we shall control the spiritual world through any of his (Jibankrishna) sayings being either transformed into him or having his entity. While saying this I noticed the same scene happening before me and I saw myself wearing a necktie and doing the same thing. The dream ended here.

[It is not known how this dream will be effective in future.]

Indications of merging of Atma or Soul and Paramatma

138. 21st June, 1976.

Early morning dream: In the first scene the inside and outside reproductive organ of a woman were visible.

In the second scene I saw Arun Ghosh, a devotee telling me, ‘Do you analyze your dreams’? I answered, ‘I only think of my dream and it will serve the purpose’.

In the third scene I saw Abala Kanta Dutta. In the fourth scene one of my relatives seeing my palms said, within a year you will be married. The dream went off.

[The first scene indicates that the mystery of nature may be exposed to the seer in future ; the second scene indicates that the effects of the dreams may be established in the body of the seer; the third scene signifies the establishment of the entity of ‘Shiva’ or oneness in the seer and the fourth scene means that in future the seer may have the experience of the unification of ‘Atma’ and ‘Paramatma’ within him as marriage means the unification of ‘Atma’ and ‘Paramarma’ according to Jibankrishna.

Accompaniment with the devotees

139. 22nd June, 1976.

Early morning dream: I saw Sourindra Bhattacharjee, a companion of Jibankrishna having a conversation with me at the edge of a pond for a prolonged period and then the dream went off .

[The seer is having continuous spiritual practices both in reality and dream.]

Extinction of the consequences of previous
actions and gaining the entity of the Holy Ghost

140. 24th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: our house was attacked by robbers. But I put everybody in a safe place and through a tunnel underneath the house I reached the Police headquarter, took the police officer on a car to the house and here the scene is changed.

In the next scene the voice of Jibankrishna was heard in a tape recorder. But after a while I was astonished that the voice of Jibankrishna was changed into my own voice. Here the dream went off.

The first scene signifies as such : Robbers mean the consequences of previous actions ; Police means the extinction of the effect of work. The seer will achieve the effect of dream.

The second scene signifies that there is no separate entity of anybody—only Jibankrishna’s existence is there in the spiritual world. In future there is a possibility that the seer may achieve the entity of jibankrishna in the spiritual world.

Vision of other’s condition

141. 26th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: A very sickly and thin person is seen lying on the floor—as if on the verge of death point. Everybody feels sorry after seeing him. But after a while I was feeling -Oh! This man is Raghunath Sen!
(A close companion of Jibankrishna), I was going on thinking—Oh !He was so healthy previously and now he is in such a pathetic condition! After a while the patient has become free of disease as if has returned from the death point, and then has turned his face. I also had a sigh of relief and here ends the dream.

[Here in the dream the present condition of the devotee has been revealed and in reality he has been passing through a very miserable condition both financially and mentally . But the next part shows that I shall be relieved from all these conditions and this really happened in my life within a very few years.]

Future indication of publicity of the seer’s dream.

142. 26th June, 1976.

Early morning: Dhiren Mondal, a companion was reading my dreams very loudly and then the dream went off .

[The dream corroborates a dream as seen by the seer on 23.6.72 which indicated that once the dreams of the seer would be gaining publicity in future.

This dream came true after ten years when the dreams are published regularly in a magazine and then since 2010 these dreams are regularly published in different websites.]

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