Psychic dreams- proof that they are real?

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Psychic dreams- proof that they are real?

Postby dreamgirl » 09 Jul 2012 16:13

I have experience precognitive or "psychic" dreams before, and these are my experiences.

1) Once I dreamt that I went in to the beauty store to buy an item called "Manic Panic: White Snow". (It is a hair cream that turns yellow-blonde hair white and I had blonde hair at the time). In the store, I saw only one left, and was extremely relieved to have gotten the last one in stock. I distinctly remember the rest of the colors being full.

I told this to my best friend, I tell her all of my dreams.

Weeks passed, about 2 or 3, until I finally went to purchase it. I went in, and my friend ran out of the car at the last minute remembering about my dream, wanting to see if it was true without me lying. We went in and sure enough, there was only one left.

2) Before going to bed one night I was thinking about having a child and wondering what the gender of my first child would be. I asked god to show me in a dream specifically.

That night I had the strangest dream. I just saw black and white printed out photos of a baby's vagina (and no, I'm not a pedophile nor do I have some child fetish).

Months later I became pregnant. I was 17 at the time and did not feel ready to give birth, so I gave the baby up for adoption never wanting to know its gender or see pictures of it through the ultrasound. And sure enough when I gave birth it was a baby girl.

3) Once I had a dream that I was out partying. It was night time, I was outside, and the neighborhood I was in looked like big houses that were all pretty crummy. This red-head was instructing me to pick some drugs, and I was digging in the dirt pulling up what looked like silver foiled candy bars (small ones- like single piece ones that would come in a large bag). I would get excited to find them, and then open them up and there wouldnt be drugs inside but instead dirt. Then I specifically remember a picture image I had in the dream of a boy I really like, Bob* (oh and this was when I was in a relationship), standing on a metal staircase leading up to the side door of a house smiling at me.

A few weeks later this happened in real life..

I went to party at 10PM. I didn't know where my ex-boyfriend and his friends were leading us, but we wound up walking a mile out of downtown into a shitty college neighborhood that looked exactly like in the dream. When I got to the party, I started drinking a ton of shitty beer and got drunk. Then, I saw the same exact image I had in the dream of Bob*. The strangest part was that he was wearing the same shirt I had seen him wearing in my previous dream, which happens to be the shirt he is wearing on his facebook profile picture. The next day I woke up with a horrible hangover- symbolized by the drugs I was scooping up thinking it was treasure when it turned out to be dirt?


Call it coincidence, whatever, but I truly believe if you are connected to you spirit enough your dreams can give you insight into your future.

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Re: Psychic dreams- proof that they are real?

Postby casey » 24 Jul 2012 21:22

Wow thats really amazing. I too have had dreams that come true but nothing as specific as yours.

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Re: Psychic dreams- proof that they are real?

Postby stormsyr » 02 Aug 2012 09:10

I am an avid believer in the paranormal. I was not always this way though. I am very scientific, I need proof, and facts. But after seeing my fiancé do what she can do(clairvoyant), I must say i'm a firm believer! (She's mostly precog, and no way they were educated guesses)

Anyhow, I've had many a dream that really stuck out to me. It wasn't dead on, but well, you be the judge.

I had worked at a retail store for over a year, had been asking to be moved to a different department(I was a chef in the restaurant). I was promised it over and over, and had given up hope. One night I had a dream...

The store had changed. The old general manager was in my dream, but she wasn't the same person. I mean, it wasn't her managing, but it was her in figure. The assistant manager was running around like crazy getting stuff in order, manager stuff, etc.. And I could come in and work wherever I wanted, and whenever I wanted and for however long I wanted.

Two weeks later, maybe three, our general manager was demoted and transferred to another store. A new GM stepped in. He started changing the store around, ordering new things, reorganizing people into departments (new store?) and the assistant manager was his right hand man(we actually had 4 assistant managers, but the one from my dream was like the co-captain). He was always busy rushing around the store fixing stuff, giving orders, etc etc. And I was moved from the kitchen. I was given a job in the warehouse, but I also did lots of other departments, and random jobs. Then I was promoted to a supervisor position, and ended up almost making my own hours. Staying as late as I wanted, etc.
It was quite shocking how similar (but unsimilar) my dream was to this change at work.

I had moved to a different state and worked for the aforementioned retail store for about 1.5 years. I decided to try to go back to my old job, UPS(United Parcel Service) since it's was near christmas time and I knew they would be hiring a lot of help. I applied, and since I had previously worked there I had to go through hoops and hurtles to get hired(took over a month from my application date, where usually if you're getting the job you start the next monday). During this one month wait I was worrying that I wouldn't get it( I had been trying for the 1.5 yrs i'd lived here, and each time I got the runaround and by the time they said ok we can hire you... oh wait we hired enough people, sorry). Then I had this dream:
I was back at my old job UPS in oklahoma where I had lived, but it was very different. I'll keep it short, not go into details. From then on I knew I would get the position(well actually I wasn't sure if it meant i'd get the job at UPS, or another shipping company), and relaxed, and viola I got it!

When I was first hired and went into the building it was totally different(I thought they'd all be the same silly me). I thought that this was the difference, but no. The general attitude of people, the way they worked in their teamwork, and just about everything was different. Which, in my dream I got the distinct feeling that it was the exact same job(the actual job) but it was entirely different.

I think i've had more, but I can't remember them right now >.<

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Re: Psychic dreams- proof that they are real?

Postby Notoriou » 05 Aug 2012 04:00

This has happened many times to me and it is comforting to hear about people's similar experiences, I have had many "snippet" dreams (these specific dreams are never in color for me) but I'll wake up thinking, that was really random, but sure enough a week or two goes by and the snippet of the conversation I dreamed I was having comes into reality. Although the second I realize what is going on I normally stop mid sentence out of disbelief and that's when the conversation changes.

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Re: Psychic dreams- proof that they are real?

Postby samara » 28 Aug 2012 17:58

I´ve had several of those. Mostly short ones about simple mundane things, giving me a feeling of deja vu when things later happened. Then there are a couple of longer and more detailed dreams that did come true exactly the way they happened to the tiniest detail. They seemed to come about 3-4 months in advance. I could verify those as I had already told a friend and written them down, even though I didn´t know they were prophetic at the time.

One dream was about me visiting my grandma, I enter her apartment and immediately her phone rings. I answer the phone and a voice on the other end tells me that my sister has been in a car accident. I ask if she´s ok but get only silence. I wake up terribly worried, phone my sister but she sounds ok, I decide not to tell her the dream.

About four months later I go visit grandma, the phone rings exactly like in the dream, I´m standing in the exact same spot, everything looks the same. I answer the phone and it´s my mom telling me my sister has been in a car accident. I completely froze as I remembered the dream and finally I managed to ask if she was ok and thankfully she told me she only had minor injuries.

Another dream, I was on my way to a party with colleagues from work. The place was supposed to be in my old neighborhood. I´m searching around, trying to find the right address. First I drive east instead of going west. Finally I turn around and find the place, wondering why I had never seen that street before (sounds like a typical dream thing to invent new streets, or so I thought) and enter the house. Soon I start feeling a bit out of place, everybody has dressed up for the occasion, except for me wearing casual clothes. I think about that I should have dressed up more to fit in. Then there is an obvious gap in the dream and next thing I am on my way back home. I walk up to the house, I look back over my shoulder and see this beautiful glowing red sunset, I look at my watch and the time is exactly midnight (I used to live far up north so this is normal to be able to see the sunset at midnight in June). The dream ends.

Three or four months later, in June, my boss invites everybody in our department to a party in his own house. I have great difficulty finding the address even though it´s in my old neighborhood. I drive east at first and then turn west and find the street. It turns out that this street is kind of hidden and I´d never noticed it before. I enter the house and realize right away I should have dressed up more. Even though I didn´t connect to the dream right away, yet the living room looked exactly the same and I´m sitting in the same spot like the dream. Then there are things happening which I found somewhat unpleasant (the gap in the dream) and finally I decide to go home. I walk towards the house, look back at the beautiful sunset, look at my watch to see it´s exact midnight, and finally realize this has all happened before!

So yes, it´s possible to see the future in a dream, yet I don´t think we realize this until things start to unfold.
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Re: Psychic dreams- proof that they are real?

Postby AdamReed » 29 Aug 2012 13:55

Absolutely agree with your views. I have had such supernatural experiences especially when I used to swim in a pool. I had consulted psychiatrist many times but they just considered it a foul hallucination !

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