Did I have a lucid dream?

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Did I have a lucid dream?

Postby Allysowa » 24 Jun 2016 16:20

Hi there! Last night I was dreaming, but suddenly I asked myself if I was dreaming. I looked around my environment (a school playground with a bunch of kids) and I thought for some reason, "Am I dreaming?" After asking this, I started yelling, "I am dreaming! I am dreaming!" Until my vision and speech became slurred (Literally the only thing I could see was rainbow-colored static).. I told myself to go up in a park, on top of a hill, with my crush-- but it didn't turn out -- instead, I wound up with two of my friends, and two Pokeballs which were said to contain my crush... but when I opened the Pokeballs, only statues of Squirtle and Charmander came out. Then, I went to a mansion that slightly resembled my home. There, I can't remember much. But I do remember trying to fly there and it worked out... then, my two friends said they were leaving the dream.. and so I said bye and went to the Dragon Ball Z world, by flying there with Goku and Master Roshi.. I then remember wanting two characters to get out of my dream (my mom and grandpa) but they wouldn't get out, no matter how much I wanted it. So I went inside this cave and enclosed myself with cobblestone, from Minecraft. Then I felt my vision getting really bright, and suddenly I woke up in the real world...
I've never lucid dreamed before, and I'm confused whether or not this was a lucid dream. Can you guys help me, please?

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Re: Did I have a lucid dream?

Postby FloatGuru » 27 Jun 2016 06:55

Hey Ally,

If you're in a dream, and you're shouting "I am dreaming! I am dreaming!" then it's a lucid dream! Congrats! Exercising dream control can be challenging, and the more you get into this the more you'll realize that it's not an easy task to make the dream world do exactly as you will. It'll take practice.
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