My first, albeit short, LD.

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My first, albeit short, LD.

Postby caed » 24 Jun 2016 22:06

I only call it short because I can't remember most of it, my mind has just decided to focus on the last moments of the dream during which I became lucid.

I was in this futuristic city (think Fifth Element but desert-y and kind of run down. Maybe some Blade Runner mixed in?) and at some point, this con man picked me up in his futuristic car. I just remember him having a British accent - he reminded me a little of Tim Roth, but blonde. Like Tim Roth from Pulp Fiction but older. Anyway, we were driving on the freeway and that's when I became lucid. It was the trippiest feeling EVER. All of the sudden, the world around me just expanded. Like, it went from being flat and dreamy to just... completely alive. I looked around and was like, "I'm totally dreaming," and took a few deep breaths. The air felt real, too. I usually feel a bit stuffy and suffocated in regular dreams. I looked over at Not-really-Tim-Roth and realized I could make this man do whatever I wanted.

...I'm going to make out with this guy.

Now, I wasn't even attracted to him, but I wanted to test out my LD powers. Of course, I know most of the time, dream characters will do almost anything you ask them to, so I guess I was just doing it to prove to myself that I was really in control. I leaned over and he totally complied, all the while driving perfectly. Pretty smooth. It wasn't that bad, considering that most DCs I end up kissing in other dreams have terrible breath and dry mouths. I don't doubt I'm just experiencing my own morning breath when that happens lol. But Not-really-Tim-Roth had a clean mouth, so thanks, lucid dreaming!

Saying that, though, that is the point when I finally woke up, but it was really one of the best mornings I've had so far.

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Re: My first, albeit short, LD.

Postby SlayerOfLight » 28 Jun 2016 14:22

Well then... That was quite a dream, lol. Reminds me of the one I had a while ago.

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