Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Postby WinterLeaf » 28 Jun 2016 18:54

Well, hello. I'm sorta bad at making introductions, but here it goes!

I am a pre-teen, knowing more than my mind should at this age, and I can be a privacy freak so I don't want to reveal my name, or age. Sometimes I'm known as Meadow around the internet, but I kind of feel like transitioning to being known as Winter, so you can just call me that.

My first dream-control dream was a few days ago, and it was lucid. I had generally known about lucid dreams before, but I had no idea what the techniques and things like that were. I actually thought that dream control was lucid dreaming instead of awareness. I hadn't done any research, and I only knew vaguely about it from my brother. So, all I did was tell myself to lucid dream. Didn't really work out, until a few days ago. Then, after that I started to get into things and keep a dream journal and whatnot, and that brings me up to the present, because I recently discovered this forum, and decided to join.

I love digital art, and I draw with programs on my PC very commonly. Especially cats. I also love to write as a hobby, normally on online websites such as Quotev. I normally write Warrior Cat Fanfictions. The next time I lucid dream, I hope to remember to imagine myself in the world that book series takes place in.

My lucid dream that inspired me to join wasn't special or anything; it may have been very boring for a frequent lucid dreamer, but I found it very inspiring. But what would I know about others' dreams? But anyway, just having your conscious kick in in a dream is very exciting as you take in the dream scene with a whole different point of view from your sub-conscious.

My dream was actually in the future; or at least the event is taking place in the future; it will be in almost a year. It's the 2017 solar eclipse my dad is looking forward to. And my dad told me he thought he was lucid dreaming, which in turn made me lucid. I think I was lucid for only a second, before sinking back into my dream, but I may have changed the scene then. I think I changed the scene in a previous dream in a previous REM period, though, which I can't remember the base of the dream. All I remember is becoming lucid, and easily teleporting to a hospital, because you know what, I haven't been in one since I was born.

So, anyway, you can call me Winter (the online name I'm transitioning to) or Meadow (my previous online name I'm getting out of). And anyway, I'm here to learn about lucid dreaming and gain more experience. I want to discover many things in the realm of dreams, and find inspiration, being both an ameture writer and artist.

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Re: Hello!

Postby Dane » 28 Jun 2016 21:35

Welcome winter, glad to have you.
if you got any questions or story's to share, please do, the place is full of people willing to help out or simply listen ;).

stay safe & stay hydrated!

best of luck!
I returned from the abyss, as a married man. :D

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Re: Hello!

Postby WinterLeaf » 28 Jun 2016 22:04

Thanks so much!

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