Problem - how to fix boring lucid dreams ? WILD

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Problem - how to fix boring lucid dreams ? WILD

Postby Arcadian » 29 Jun 2016 18:50

I've been having this problem all week. After I become lucid using the WILD/FILD technique, I fail to accomplish my intentions for the dream. I always dream my current environment and things carry out very dully. When I go exploring I just see my boring neighborhood, no matter how far I go walking. I envision different landscapes behind doors, but it doesn't work when I open the door. I've walked around commanding "I want to speak to my higher self/subconscious" but it never really works. The closest I got was I found a concession stand where a lady allowed me to swipe my lucid dreaming credit card to grant me access to my subconscious self. After I purchased the product, she said my meeting would be two days later - URGH!

What can I do to have an amazing lucid experience? Is it a lack of creativity or will power I have?

To anyone who suggests flying - I used to fly all the time while lucid but I'm ready to take a different direction with my lucid dreams such as deep dialogue with DCs and my innerself, etc. I want to adventure super creative and visual dream locations that I only seem to manifest during subconsciously during a non-lucid dream.

What do you suggest? What has worked for you? Have you had this problem and have overcome it?

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Re: Problem - how to fix boring lucid dreams ? WILD

Postby Knife » 30 Jun 2016 18:50

Be patient, two more days son 8-)
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Re: Problem - how to fix boring lucid dreams ? WILD

Postby konchusnz » 07 Jul 2016 11:33

I'm at a very similar place to you with my lucid dreaming, I just posted hoping for some new ideas. I also have tried speaking to/seeing a higher consciousness or yelled out to the dream to talk to my 'spirit guide' for lack of a better term but nothing yet. The interacting with dream figures is always a really fun one for me because you literally have no idea what they are going to say, as suggested in Robert Waggoners book I always ask what dream figures represent which gets really cool responses, I saw my child hood school principal and he said he represents 'Infinate Wisdom' and I saw my childhood dog who said he represented 'the mail' which is a bit fucked but awesome to see my dead dog talking but yeah this does get old quick after the 4th or 5th person in a row, I tried flying as high as I could go but go scared and fell somewhere above a really high tree haha
I tried changing the dream setting with the technique of opening a door with the intention of seeing a new setting completely which didn't work quite as hoped, just a strange version of what the room normally looks like, and another one of simply flying into a wall or whatever and intending you will appear somewhere else, this worked once for me but a few other times not much, but practice makes perfect I guess!
good luck anyway, ill be keeping an eye on this to see what suggestions other people have!

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