Is this close to getting an LD?

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Is this close to getting an LD?

Postby Minty » 01 Jul 2016 23:52

About a week ago, I had this dream where I went into a dream character's dream to convince them to do something. Well, I've been wondering if this is a good sign ever since. Even though I already had an LD just last night, I decided, hey, why not post this question here?

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Re: Is this close to getting an LD?

Postby FloatGuru » 02 Jul 2016 03:26

Hey Minty,

If you were exercising purposeful dream control when you went into this dream characters dream, then I would say it was close to a lucid dream. I would say it's a good sign and a good ability to have in your pocket. If you ever come across a dream character in a lucid dream that isn't cooperating, you could use this technique to get them to do what you want! It may be counter-productive though, since you might inception yourself into a totally different dreamscape where you forget what you were initially trying to do. There may be easier ways to get dream characters to follow your direction.

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