Very, Very Frightening, Scary...

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Very, Very Frightening, Scary...

Postby Blueyes55 » 03 Jul 2016 22:09

I wish I wouldn't dream so much, sigh...I am a lucid dreamer, but I didn't ask for this...
Last night was probably one of the most frightening dreams I've ever had. I am posting it here, because I want to go back and see if this will actually happen, which I sincerely hope does not. Please pay attention to the individual words and numbers in this dream.

I dreamed I was working as a secretary. I had to go to a hotel for some reason, to drop something off, I guess. The address of the hotel was 720 Eziore Street. This was made very clear to me, so I would remember it. I was with several other people, all getting out of their cars, which were lined up in the parking lot of this hotel. I heard a black woman screaming, "I've been shot, help me, Oh God, please help me!" I looked around, and she was falling over behind one of the cars. Another woman ran up and was tending her. I looked to my left, and there was another woman crouching there. She was wearing a hoodie, and was trying to hide her face. She had blonde hair. Suddenly she starting shooting at me. I was running around the front of the car, trying to get away, while everyone else ran inside, right behind me, where there was the front desk. I held up my phone and told the woman I was calling 911. She saw this, and ran away.

At that point woke up, and I ran, tripping over the cat, and wrote down everything I remembered.
Since I was at my computer, I looked up the address, not expecting to find anything. What I did find shook me to the core. Although I did not find the exact address, this site was right there in my face-720 E 11th Street Oakland CA 94606. Clinton Commons Apartments. Not only that, but I look straight down, and saw this-Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Review for Xbox One. I am not a gamer, so I know nothing of this. Here's what's in the first paragraph-"It’s been a long time since an Assassin’s Creed city felt like a playground. Not since the early days of Ezio have we felt that joy of clambering over rooftops and discovering items, missions and side-quests that distracted us from our objectives."

So, we'll see what goes on on 7/20 of this month, and I hope I never, ever experience another dream like that. I need to learn to direct my lucid dreaming in a more productive manner. Like sitting on a beach, drinking a Mai-Tai, with my toes in the sand and listening to the waves.

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