My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 31

Achievement of dispassionate condition

143. 3rd July, 1976.

Early morning dream: I had gone to Jamshedpur and roam here and there. Then I went to a house full of many persons. I sat among them. My bag was kept in front of me. It was full of many articles amongst which some were for hobby. After a while the meeting was closed and while I was going to take my bag I noticed that it was stolen. A known person named Nirmalya was found in front of me. I told him to search for my bag but he did not pay any attention to this matter. Then I saw Dilip Mitra, a companion of Jibankrishna (Diamond). I took him to be accompanied. I had the feeling in my mind that those fellows (Nirmalya etc) had no intimate relation to me, they never bothered for me, but on the contrary these persons (Dilip etc) were my own. Then while going out, one of my shoes was stuck to the mud. I took out that shoe, but instantly thought—Oh! What am I going to search for! We can have nor anybody neither any wealth! That is why the bag was stolen!

In the next scene I saw Dwijendranath Roy of Ghatshila, a senior companion of Jibankrishna. After a while I saw a child sitting on the shoulder of a man was paying his homage to me with folded hands. With astonishment I was thinking—such a small child, how could he learn to pay homage in such a way! There after the dream went off.

[The dream signifies thus: The first scene shows the dispassionate condition of the seer; the second and third scene signify the ‘Dwijatwa’(The state of Supreme Cult) and ‘Debatya’(The state of Divinity) conditions of the seer.]

Blessings of the Holy Ghost poured upon

144. 4th July, 1976.

Noon time dream: I was standing on a bus stand waiting for the bus. At this moment I noticed that Anannda Mohan Ghosh, Diamond or Jibankrishna’s companion was seated on the bus . I opened a paper to read what Jibankrishna had said in dreams to the seer. After the dream was off I forgot the sayings.
[The dream indicates that the blessings are always showered upon the seer from the Holy Ghost.]

Vision of the Universe and experience on origin of life

145. On 4th July,1976, after the previous dream in the evening in trance I had the following experience:

I started approaching towards the outer space. I crossed different spheres and then the blue color earth was seen, which ultimately disappeared. Then I reached a void zone. Gradually I reached a zone just like a condensed fog. At that time I lost my body sense and felt myself like a point merged in that dense fog. A feeling was playing in me like this— This is the place for the origin of life! It is called Ether!

Then gradually I began to gain full sensation, feeling for the earth. Coming back to full sensation, I began to think—was it an imagination or was it a realization?

I was in confusion for some moments and then at night before going to bed it flashed in my mind that it was the realization of ‘Viswarup’(Universe in God)—I saw the whole universe in me and had the experience of ‘Jara Samadhi’—a condition when the seer becomes a point only. The dense fog was the father’s semen which is the place of origin of life—It is in microcosm. In macrocosm Scientists opine that ether in the outer space is the origin of life.

Vision of Paramatma

146. 10th July, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was going with Dhiren Mondal (A companion of Jibankrishna) by train to his town Bangaon. But in the dream I felt that the town was Basirhat instead of Bangaon. After traveling for a long time we reached Basirhat. The town seemed very beautiful with nice houses. We came to a spot with buildings on both sides of the road. Looking on the left side I noticed that through the gaps of the buildings there were steps sloping down to a very distant place. I also observed that the steps merged into a dense, endless inaccessible foggy area with a non traceable base. Its top was also sky high. The scene was beyond any imagination. I was thinking—such an ocean of fog! Then thoughts came in my mind—How will it be, if I go inside this! Suddenly I felt, I had already gone inside that zone, but simultaneously I also saw myself standing on the road. It seemed to me as if I had fallen in a very unearthly situation with no sign of life anywhere and only my sense was roaming inside that zone. After a while I gained my full sense and went to another place. The dream continued but nothing was remembered later on.

As predicted in a previous dream seen on 21st June, 1976 that within a year the seer would get married which in yoga meant that there might be a possibility for the seer to have the realization of unification of ‘Atma’ with ‘Paramatma’, this dream confirmed the same. Here in yoga fog means Paramatma with whom the seer got united.

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