Trouble with dream recall

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Trouble with dream recall

Postby emurocks » 10 Jul 2012 07:15

I have been trying to lucid dream in the past few days, and I really am determined. I have been doing over 30 reality checks in the day and all the other things before I go to sleep, like imagining myself realizing I'm in a dream and repeating 'I will have a lucid dream'. The only problem is that my dream diary is not working. My alarm wakes me up after 5 hours, then 90 minutes, then 90 minutes, then the morning, but I really have trouble remembering my dreams. I know I have had a dream but it's like its locked away in my mind and I just cant think what it was. Sometimes I get moments from the dream or a visual image that I remember and can write down, but my book is mainly filled with "Something to do with coffee" or "Teachers of some sorts were vaguely involved". It is highly frustrating and I feel that my first sense of courage is leaving, since its not working. Is there anyway that I can improve my dream recall?


PS: There was a moment when I'm pretty sure I looked at my hands and was very excited and I knew I was in a dream, but it all dissolved instantly, but I am unsure whether that really happened or if it was my imagniation being too hopeful (though thats the only thing I could remember from last night) . Just thought that might be relevant. :)

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Re: Trouble with dream recall

Postby donald1x » 10 Jul 2012 10:53

Keep at it. I think dream recall comes first, lucid dream later.

I started a dream journal three days ago. after having almost no recall of any dream for... ever... and I have success on the first day!

The first (3 hour) sleep yields nothing...
The next 60 minutes yields something??? as you say... something about coffee?...
The third 70 minutes I manage to write a paragraph.
The last 30 minutes snooze I got another paragraph.

The key is WRITING it down, even when it say "I don't remember my dream". As you're trying to signal yourselves to remember.

My second day I had a lucid dream that lasted 5 second after lucidity (the dream is a bit longer).

My third I can write a full page for two of my dreams this morning, and I can still remember it now.

effort counts. I guess. as this is all phsychological. Don't give up!

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Re: Trouble with dream recall

Postby Meppe » 10 Jul 2012 10:54

I find it easier to remember my dreams long enough to write them down if I lay still when I've woken up and think through the dream.

Also, my first major non-lucid dream recall was after I had fallen asleep thinking "I will remember my lucid dream". I don't know if it's a coincidence, but you migth want to try that. It was also on the topic that I wanted to ask my dreamself about.

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Re: Trouble with dream recall

Postby Peter » 11 Jul 2012 06:29

If your alarm is waking you up 3 or 4 times you are most likely too tired to recall. After the first time just go back to sleep and when you wake up DONT move and the dream should stay with you. Grasp a few points and then write these down as if you choose to you can flesh out the dream later on.
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