New Lucid challenges/experiments Wanted!!!

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New Lucid challenges/experiments Wanted!!!

Postby konchusnz » 07 Jul 2016 10:54

I am an intermediate lucid dreamer having been practicing for a few years and logging around 15 or more Lucid dreams. I have gained almost all of my knowledge and techniques from Robert Waggoner's Lucid Dreaming. I have done/tried many of the exercises he suggests, such as conversing more in depth with dream figures, changing dream settings and making requests strait to the dream itself with varied results. But I now feel like a need something new to try and was hoping to get some interesting new ideas from other lucid dreamers!
Any idea or suggestions would be awesome!
Thank you,

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Re: New Lucid challenges/experiments Wanted!!!

Postby FloatGuru » 14 Jul 2016 19:34

Here are a few ideas:

1) level up your flying (flying is fun, but have you tried arial acrobatics? Flips, falls, rapid acceleration/deceleration, etc)
2) Accessory creation (i.e. creating a tool you can use in the dream environment. One thing that I've enjoyed making is something I call a "grounding tool." Basically a little handle that I hold in my hand that vibrates when I push a button. Gives me tactile information to keep the dream world together.)
3) Demon/monster fighting (make a monster if there isn't one already. Then use your lucid powers to TAKE IT DOWN!!! And I mean a scary ass monster. The stuff that other people would consider a nightmare.)
4) Precognition (try to observe a future event before it happens)
5) Go to space and look at the Earth

Hopefully one or some of these seem like fun things to do, or at lease inspire you to come up with another idea!
Looking for the Time Travelers.

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