Secrets of a broken aircraft

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Secrets of a broken aircraft

Postby star64rogue » 07 Jul 2016 20:16

This dream took part in 3 episodes, I don't know if it has any kind of real secret or a message for me in real life, but my current approaches are to "dream lucid for the first time" and "leave management to my surrogate for a long time", so if you had any ideas about a message, I'll apperciate them too ;)

The first episode had a theme like Uncharted, the videogame (I haven't ever played this game). we were a team of 4, me, my older brother (I don't have any), a young engineer looking like Scarlett Johanson (I don't like her), and a white-bearded archaeologist. There was a crisis, I think it was a kind of curse or sth. I suggested to search for the source or a clue, finally my brother found a toy helicopter burried somewhere in the middle of desert, by the touch of my hand, it got activated, extended its rear wing and started to swing its vanes...

The second episode was designed like Bioshock (neither played this one). After a little journey, we arrived in the middle of a small civil war and after getting rid of that, we were led to a very big and strange hotel in the middle of a military base, which I found the real helicopter there, well it was ruined somehow, and it was gigantic, it was really big for a helicoper. I asked the man in charge, a lieutenant, if I can explore the aircraft and he kindly accepted, as soon as I climbed up and reached the tail, the thing happened again, the rear wing extended like a stairway and the whole thing started to repair itself. As soon as the lieutenant saw this scene, he got upset and commanded me to stay in the room they give me and don't get any funny idea...

The third episode started by waking up in the little room they gave me, it was more like a big wardrobe, but it was bearable. I went out of the room and I saw two guards trying to arrest my brother, I stepped in and asked if he has done anything wrong, they told me he's been playing games for too long despite the warning they gave, and they have the right to stop him. I reacted: "If this was my country, I was allowed to execute you for this action!" (wtf seems my country values gamers too much :lol: ). Soon he escaped them and started to run away, I followed him and shot those two guards. We kept running, it was a very big and long stairway. I had strange equipment (I remember I crafted them when I was sheltering in that little room), one was a refined darkness powder stone (Harry used one in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), two shock grenades and a sticky bomb. Soon we reached the middle of the stairway, my brother went into the room and some guards in his fellow. I threw my dark stone inside the room and pooof, it all got black. My brother crashed into a robot and ran out of the room with a hoverboard and passed by my side. :| I just thought what the heck? He should have picked me up. When I said that, the whole scene rewinded and my brother picked me up to the hoverboard. When I saw that, I said: "Thanks a lot. I'm dreaming, you're under my command!" This changed the PoV from 1st person into 3rd person, I was ready to enter the lucid state, but dear unconsious said: "No way!" and I woke up. :| :x

Sorry it was too long :lol: I should note that I saw this dream after a whole week without any dream. ;) Sweet dreams!
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Re: Secrets of a broken aircraft

Postby Transcending. » 08 Jul 2016 01:03

Niceeeeeeeeee! I've had a dream about Nathan drake and his brother Sam before. We were on the back of this truck and we were driving to a dock. We were having a conversation about travelling back in time to find treasure and randomly i said to them" I'll show you how it would be" and it was like I was using my hands and flipping through dreams scenes(it was beautiful). After I was done. they were amazed and we were at the docks. We got on a boat and drove to an island. At this island we met many people who were looking for treasure. There was this gigantic castle and I decided to walk up to the top. I ended up seeing one of my teachers giving my friend a tutor lesson. It was a fun dream. I also remember waking up and drifting off to sleep again. This time I was on a map named Infection(its on cod bo3) and I was running and there were a hoard of zombies chasing after me. It was really snowy. I ran into a building, up the stairs and jumped through a window. I landed extremely hard on the ground and I saw one of my friends running ahead of me. I couldn't move at all, but with extreme confidence I got up and ran behind my friend. I remember turning a corner and ended up on the same dock which was in my previous dream and I woke up. I have a HUGE crush on Scarlette Johnasson. Why do u hate her? :| :? :lol: :lol: Its funny how your subconciousness react when u become lucid. I had a lucid dream the other night and when I became lucid this guy with an extremely deep voice went off on me. :lol: :lol:
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