Could it be? Was I lucid?

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Could it be? Was I lucid?

Postby Peeps » 10 Jul 2012 14:11

"I was gazing at the green dresser in my room, but on it was a plastic skull with golden teeth and a golden eye-patch. I realized, "My sister doesn't own one of these, I must be dreaming! Suddenly I come back to my body, I wasn't actually gazing at the skull! The dream flickers back from third person to first person randomly, sometimes it's both. I say out loud, 'I'm dreaming." Then I demand, "Clarity now!" Which I have to ask for twice. By now I'm in the hallway, this dreamscape is a lot like my actual house, I think. Forgetting to recall my first ever lucid dream intention, I decide to fly. But first, I realized I forgot to rub my hands together. I lift my hands and arms, but they feel paralyzed, or weighed down. It's hard to move them. I yell, "Let me move my arms!" a few times, and eventually can move them well enough for flying.(I always imagined making a force-field thing shoot out of my hands and propell me forward, thus making me fly.) I then magically appear on the roof near my bedroom. I remind myself to remind myself that I am dreaming so I don't lose lucidity, and then leap. My arms and hands are still kind of stiff, but I fly rather well. I try what I've always done in video games, and so I fly over the rowan trees and out over the ocean. I keep gaining altitude until I feel satisfied. Then I plummet down, and sharply curve upwards before I get wet. I notice that it's probably around five or so in the morning, by looking
at the dawn sky. I wonder what time it really is, and if I'm making any noise in the real world. I then fly over to the path I walk down to reach the road, and again magically appear in a random place. I'm Downfront, at the ice cream shop. It's randomly dusk now, and the sun is setting. It's a beautiful sunset, kind of like the one I saw Downfront yesterday evening. I suddenly remember, "Oh yeah! I wanted to see Livv!" and I shout, "Show me Livv!" But nothing happens. I close my eyes and say, "When I open my eyes, I will see Livv." All too late I realize that when my eyes open they'll open in real life, thus waking me up. I am back in bed now, but scared out of my wits. For some reason I am thinking, "If they see I'm awake, they will take me away. The aliens will flood the room, pouring through the windows. Even with my lucid powers I won't be able to defeat them. The only way for me to make it is to fall back asleep, and so I did."

Was it truly a lucid dream? Semi-lucid? I've had a dream where I've been 'lucid' before, and really wasn't. Also, for my first lucid dream I expected to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off, and yell "I'm dreaming!" Until I wake up, even though I tell myself everyday not to if I did become lucid. The reason I do not know if it was lucid or not is because I've never been lucid before! Also, I don't feel too high on life like I expected to upon waking up, but that could have been ruined by the weird false-awakening/nightmare thing.

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Re: Could it be? Was I lucid?

Postby WildCat23 » 10 Jul 2012 21:01

Definitely sounds like a lucid dream. In my first (And currently only) LD, I didn't feed "high" either. Probably a good thing, since I had school.
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Re: Could it be? Was I lucid?

Postby rothgar » 10 Jul 2012 22:46

Definitely sounds like an LD. But there are degrees of lucid dreams. The best ones are like real life. You actually are 'there' and not watching, and in full awake mind. Most of mine are like that but some are a little like the dimmer switch of my brain has been turned awareness down.

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Re: Could it be? Was I lucid?

Postby Peeps » 11 Jul 2012 02:54

I am so happy, I'm going to explode. xD It's been exactly a month since I started trying to Lucid dream, and even though it wasn't the most vivid, I'm so happy. My first lucid dream. .o.

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