Weird experience

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Weird experience

Postby Frixon » 12 Jul 2016 10:20

I've been trying to lucid dream for about two weeks now without much succes. Last night I had to get up early for my work. Three hours later I had the chance to sleep for another three hours but in a place where there's sometimes noise because of other people walking around there. So I fell a sleep and the next thing I remember is suddenly lying there and having a weird feeling. I felt my body lying on the bed but my head was feeling very cloudy. I kept my eyes closed and decided to do a reality check. I tried to breath in through my nose while closing it and it worked. I openend my eyes and used the technique to make the dream clearer. Then I remember doing some shit like riding a motorcycle and just going with the dream. Ocassionly my vision turned black again and I saw trippy visions and i could hear the background noise in the room i was lying in. But i just kept lying still and after a few seconds i did another succesful realtycheck and went back to the dream. After awhile I had a feeling that I've been in this dream for a while now and i wanted to wake up. I was standing there thinking how do I wake up? But suddenly it worked. When I woke i saw that i slept for about 1,5 hours and I was feeling very tired so i didn't think much about the experience and went back to sleep. Now that I'm awake the memory feels very cloudy and fake. I'm doubting if I really was concious during the dream. It feels more like I was dreaming about lucid dreaming. Anyone had any similar experience?

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Re: Weird experience

Postby Dane » 12 Jul 2016 22:32

yes i have, lots of people do.
it means your getting close.

best of luck!
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Re: Weird experience

Postby dantedmc3 » 12 Jul 2016 22:37

I remember I somehow became lucid in a dream when I was having a weird conversation with my dad about me trying to prove something. So I just became lucid without any reality checks or stuff. But I remember everything became clearer when I did become lucid and I was rubbing my hands against some wood and focusing on the feeling to stabilise and make it more vivid. Anyways I flew a bit and did some other things and kind of got excited after a couple of minutes and woke up. The next day I remember I kind of was thinking "was I really lucid or was I just dreaming about me realizing that im dreaming without actually being lucid" if that makes sense. But thinking about it I realized I was definitely lucid since I was really just thinking about doing stuff I wanted to do and then just doing them. I did feel like what you described though, like you doubted you were actually lucid. For me I think I doubted myself because I can't really remember how I became lucid. I never had that feeling before though so I found it interesting lol. Well hope all this I wrote was interesting to you in some way. Well good luck on future dreams Lol
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Re: Weird experience

Postby star64rogue » 13 Jul 2016 17:18

Hmm... I thought it's a problem of mine only.
Yesterday I had a dream almost like yours which I described here : (talking about the problem), it wasn't vivid enough and it was like someone else is controlling it, despite my awareness about dreaming.
I first thought it's my subconscious again, trying to block me like before, but it was much more strange to be subconscious doings.
I just hope I can go truly lucid tonight. And I wish you a good luck too.
Sweet dreams ;)
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