Lucid dreaming about familiar places

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Lucid dreaming about familiar places

Postby riseandfall » 14 Jul 2016 05:00

Many of the times I have lucid dreams, they involve me being in familiar places, and I can "morph" them in all sorts of weird ways. Like this one time, I was getting up out of bed in my mom's room (I sometimes go to her room after she gets up in the morning, when it's too loud in mine, and this change of bed seems to increase the chance of lucid dreaming) after dreaming that she was trying to wake me up. I walked out into the hallway, and one wall was entirely covered with beer bottles stacked on each other. I then went into the various other rooms, and before going into each one, I would decide what it was going to look like inside. I made one room into a fully-equipped recording studio with lots of dials and cables, and another into a sister's room (I have no siblings in real life).

In another one, the door of the bedroom was open and I could hear my dad calling me from downstairs to get up. When I didn't, he said something about "you never get up when I tell you to". I then heard my mom, also downstairs, talking in Swiss German with what I concluded was one of her friends. I don't speak Swiss German myself, but my mom is Swiss, and somehow I miraculously understood in my dream that she was saying something about me, and thought that she wanted me up so that she, her friends, and I could do something together. All the while, someone outside the window was using a leafblower, lawnmower, or "weed-whacker" that was VERY clearly audible. When I actually woke up from the dream, I told my mom about it, and there had been no noise outside the window, she hadn't said a word to anyone, and my dad wasn't even in the house.

Oh, and this one wasn't exactly a lucid dream, in that I didn't actually realize it was a dream, but I did analyze it within the dream, and it's too hilarious not to share. So I was walking along this hillside behind some houses and saw this guy shoveling dirt in his yard. When I got close to this guy, he made a menacing facial expression and thrust his shovel at me. Then a thought suddenly dawned on me--he was "the shovelin' man", which I heard in my mind to the tune of "Travelin' Man" by Ricky Nelson (a song I likely hadn't heard in well over a decade). Immediately, music started to play in the background of the dream, with a voice singing "Woooah, I'm a shovelin' maaaan, yeah I'm a shovelin' maaan", sounding exactly like the original song except for the changed lyric, and I started laughing (still in the dream), amazed that I had ever been afraid of him!

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