Being put to sleep in dreams

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Being put to sleep in dreams

Postby riseandfall » 15 Jul 2016 03:33

When I was younger, I occasionally had dreams where I had to go in for surgery, and when the doctors were trying to give me anesthesia, it wasn't working. It wasn't that I was in pain or anything, it was just that I stayed awake and the doctors couldn't continue. Usually I would wake up, and then realize "duh, I was already in a dream, and becoming unconscious would mean that the dream would stop, which couldn't happen within the dream".

I haven't had one of these in a long time, but I was wondering if something like this could be used to enter a lucid dreaming state. I somehow doubt it, because in dreams about medical procedures there was always a sense of dread, and had I not been fully "believing" the dream, I wouldn't have let this happen. All of the lucid dreams I've had started with something really mundane and everyday, like waking up in the morning or walking along a familiar street. But, I was curious about this.

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Re: Being put to sleep in dreams

Postby star64rogue » 15 Jul 2016 19:03

It's odd, at least for me.
In my dreams, I can sleep, I can pass out, or become blind/deaf, without getting out of the dream.
Probably you can use them if they're not working for you, if you make your mind sensitive enough to this error.
Sweet dreams ;)
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Re: Being put to sleep in dreams

Postby Pilgrim » 16 Jul 2016 04:00

Rise, you might make it a point to associate surgery as an indication that you are in a dream. Then, you can hop off the table and enjoy the dreamworld.

Star, sleeping in the dream reminds me of my tendency to dream that I am having insomnia. I became more aware of dreaming of being unable to sleep (and getting up and returning to bed) as false awakenings after I got the Remee dream mask. The mask did not work well for me overall, but it did help me to become more aware of false awakenings.

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