my first lucid dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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my first lucid dream

Postby nickbor » 18 Jul 2016 07:49

I remember one day some years ago I watched this movie about mental states and altering consciousness through drugs and all of the drama the drug culture entails where it made me question my own mental states and sense of reality in life that night. what happened that night was my first really vivid lucid dream and it lasted for a long time and the whole time I was super self conscious. there was at first a school bus I was on and the other dream characters focused on me a lot. some saw me as a fool and some saw me as wise but the one question I could not answer was what I believed in the dream and because of this had to do reality checks to find out if the main characters were real people sharing a dream with me. it felt as though the people in the dream were real people having a dream with me and the only proof I had was that they followed me around a lot and influenced me but some minor characters I could make them disappear. but the ones I could not make them go away I concluded either I was still deluded in the dream and I believed a lie or I was really sharing some sleeping mental contact with other dreamers. this dream was a good dream and only one person is someone I have seen before in real life and it was a lady I played poker with at a bar for fun. I never saw her again in real life but she was one of the people who have seen me do very good at that game and she saw me as a wise man in the dream. one other young woman in a chearleeder outfit gave me a very pleasant kiss on the mouth a kiss any young guy would appreciate but no sex just a little flirtatious kiss. this happened on the bus scene. I didtne write down the dream but since it is my first I learned since I could not disprove others were sharing a dream with me it could be real. people have a lot of empathy where I live and were all connected in a way.

I have also had another lucid dream were I figured out it was only a dream because I was in a resteraunt with suit and tie people and I had no shirt on and no one arrested me or anything. because in waking life people would put someone to shame in this scenario I figured out it was just a dream and turned lucid.
Immediately I go to the bartender in the dream and I ask him how it feels to be a dream character in a dream and he replies I'm not a dream character(he seems to make me look like a half naked fool lol). I'm shocked now in this dream I'm not sure if he is a real person dreaming with me or this is just my own imagination. I later end up outside still lucid and tried to fly like others but maybe my faith or something is not strong enough because I end up jumping around looking like an idiot.

But my favorite lucid dream reflect a point of view my mother and me and maybe some other photografers and artist share. and it is when you are immersed in this world and all you see with youre eyes is artwork. and I'm not just talking about paintings. for many years I would look at the blue sky with nature and all around me as something as a gigantic 3d work of art I live in and in my favorite lucid dream I was immersed in this 3d painting my mind seemed to create with a field with trees off to my right blowing in the art wind. everything looks like its drawn by an expert painters hand. my body walks next to 2 others straight on to the horizon and the spirit which I am follows alon outside of my dream flesh trying to get back into my body wich it does unsuccessfully. I rub my astral hands to make the painting last longer and I don't remeber the rest.

i will use the tips from people like you to try to go lucid more often and maybe one of these daus i will learn to astral project like i would like.

have nice dreams. peace love and blessings

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Re: my first lucid dream

Postby Transcending. » 18 Jul 2016 14:20

Interesting, I had a lucid dream as well this morning and thought that the girl in the dream was a person who lucid dream in real life. Really cool experience you shared, and good luck on having many more of them :D
Peace And Loveee <3

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