Random lucid dreams and weed influence

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Random lucid dreams and weed influence

Postby saphiry » 18 Jul 2016 15:22


So I haven't really actively tried to start lucid dreaming, but last night there was something going on with my dreams that has never happened in my 28 years of my life (as far as I know at least). First, I was completely aware of my surroundings, when I found myself lying on my stomach in bed, when I heard someone whispering my name. Everything around me looked normal, like my room, but I knew that this isn't real and that I was dreaming. I was able to control my thoughts. It suddenly felt like that a person lies down on my back, it was incredibly real, but I knew it wasn't. It was a bit scary actually.

Next thing I remember, I stand in front of the bathroom mirror and see myself in the mirror. I remember my thoughts being completely clear. I thought 'Let's see what happens with my body if I use my imagination to change my face'. Immediately after thinking that, my face started aging rapidly in the mirror. I suddenly got wrinkles and turned into an old lady, which was really scary actually. I fell on the bathroom floor, lay there for a while while having some kind of anxiety attack, while I knew at the same time that nothing of this is real and that I'm just dreaming.

So my question- Was this actually a lucid dream or just a really realistic nightmare? Also, could there be a correlation between me doing a lot of weed and some space cake two nights ago? I usually never do weed or anything like that, but that night a friend of mine brought it so we smoked a lot of weed, also from a bong, and ate a piece of space cake each. I didn't have hallucinations after that, I was just pretty fucked up, in a good way. I went to sleep and don't remember dreaming anything, but I was still quite high the next day. Could the dreaming be a result of that?


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Re: Random lucid dreams and weed influence

Postby nickbor » 19 Jul 2016 06:24

for me my first lucid dream happened after I connected deeply to a movie called "a scanner darkly" it might be a good watch for you about drugs and their effect on you mentally. it has gave me a personal reason to know why my dad reacted badly to lsd in college then later needs mental health experts to give him therapy for it. ive tried it and majic mushrooms and weed and ecstacy but this movie converted me to never want those things ever again and made me realize how I only wanted to feel good or have a nice experience at the time but just like in the movie I almost went crazy taking drugs. ive had bad trips but my dreams got better just by being more sober and not taking pills. but honestly some days I wish I had a valium or something or a beer to relax but ive made a commitment to go st8. and youre mental health is important I learned to meditate to keep my mind healthy I suggest that you know that too much of intoxicating substances will only make you less reasonable and you would de evolve but you have free will to decide.

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