SP success or nightmare?

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SP success or nightmare?

Postby Rami » 19 Jul 2016 12:36

I have been trying to wild lucid dream for about a month and a half, however tonight is the night I actually had progress but not in the way I wanted. I went to sleep at 12 and woke up at 5am for approximately 5 minutes. I dont really remember a dream unfolding, however I ended up i. My room and I couldnt move. In the corner of my room, my right, I have a door that always creeps me out since its so dark. Well, woopty doo that fueled a nightmare. I ended up seeing a darker shadow over the doors shadow of the lady from lights out. At this point I was like hell no, but I kept opening and closing my eyes like an idiot even though every time I did she would teleport closer to me. I ended up waking up anyways.Its ironic because I was watching the lights out trailer last night and I thought it wasnt scary :D Even though I had a SP nightmare, I still call this one a success since I sorta ended up in a dream. I am still tempted to try again later when I dont watch anything scary lol.

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Re: SP success or nightmare?

Postby Dane » 19 Jul 2016 13:58

Rami wrote: .I ended up waking up anyways.

well at this point i'd say it is a nightmare ( sorta ).
since beside the fact that you saw horror, you name no other "sign's" of SP.
you definently know it when SP strikes you ;)
the feeling is unrivaled if you ask me :lol: .

keep trying with a positive attitude!
Best of Luck!

ps. if you find that you cannot cope with gruesome and horrorscene's ( understandable ), remember this, there is no spoon. ;)
I returned from the abyss, as a married man. :D

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