Technique for Beginners :)

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Technique for Beginners :)

Postby Salinama » 20 Jul 2016 00:45

Melatonin Method for Lucid Dreaming. This is a method that uses natural melatonin spikes in the brain to have one 'restful day' and one 'lucid day.' Allow me to explain, this method is aimed at beginners and people who are interested in starting out on a wonderful journey of the mind.

Your brain secrets melatonin, it helps it relax. This method involves riding the waves of melatonin towards the end when you become 'asleep.'
During your rest days, you will typically have whatever normal day for you means. At night, sleep how you usually do.
But during the lucid days, things change slightly. When you wake up, simply read something in your vicinity. It doesn't matter what, it just has to be something with words and pictures and names, you know important stuff. Now you just think back on that throughout the day. I do like 7 times on an article that I read that morning on my little app thing. Eventually, you'll recognize it if someone mentioned it to you. So if your friend, family member, dog, reptiles, or even birds (you never really know now a days..) mentions it to you, you'll at least know generally about whatever it is you read.

During the nights, you'll want to reflect on whatever you read that morning/whatever crazy events transpired that day. As you brush your teeth/get ready for bed start to think to your self (at like 15 beats per minute metronome here ( ), until you are finished getting ready for bed. As you drift off, feel the same current of melatonin that drives you deep into your head, that familiar deep gravity feeling. When you start to feel that, REMEMBER to state to yourself "YOU WILL REMEMBER (insert word/article/phrase here), and in your dream you will see small references to that around at first, the more you do this method the clearer those references becomes until you begin to spot them at once. At that point (with continued practice) you'll be able to reach higher lucidity! Enjoy folks!

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Re: Technique for Beginners :)

Postby Dane » 20 Jul 2016 15:03

Hey salinama,

Could you explain how melatonine is actively involved in this post ?
For as i read it, isn't this rather auto-suggestion ?
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Re: Technique for Beginners :)

Postby Peter » 28 Jul 2016 21:26

how about some details, dosage and how and when to use and personal experience pls
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